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Feb 15, '08, 7:31 PM
Hey everyone,

Ok, it's become clear to us that we need to make some changes to the timeline in order to make this a more successful project. Unfortunately, Benjamin Holcomb had to withdraw as the catalog photographer and that left it to me, which I'm more than happy to do. However, with a new baby, a job, and the impending shipment of Dida Displays there's simply no way that I can manage dozens of customs being shipped to me for photography at my house.

We have come up with a solution that, in retrospect, was the way to go the whole time: We have decided to move photography of the figures to Mego Meet in June. This will allow us to get all the figures in one place with plenty of room and plenty of enthusiastic Megoheads to help to get them done right.

This leaves us with 3-4 additional months that we can use to create new work and refine our submissions. Since it begins to push the publication of the catalog into the Fall of '08 we also feel like it makes sense to open up the timeline and make it a 1978/79 Supplement, which would allow some of the submissions that were closer to 1979 to come on board.

Additionally, since we have submissions coming from overseas and are understandably reluctant to mail them, you may submit your own photographs rather than sending them to us. We ask that they be of high enough resolution, quality and variety that we can work with them in Photoshop. I can work with you to try to get what we need. Ideally, we prefer they be mailed to Mego Meet so everything will have a consistent look and feel, but it's not absolutely necessary.

So that's where we are at. We are moving the deadline to May 20th and will be photographing the toys at Mego Meet June 6-7. The guidelines are opened to anything prior to the fall of 1979. Selected submissions will be mailed to Dave Mc or can be brought to Mego Meet in person.

Let us know if you have any questions.

The Toyroom
Feb 15, '08, 8:35 PM
So just to be clear, deadline for entries is May 20th? When will it be decided which projects make the final cut? Originally that was going to be at Toyfair, correct?

EMCE Hammer
Feb 15, '08, 9:13 PM
I especially appreciate the extension. With two fresh babies I haven't had the time to do nearly as much as I'd hoped. With the change in format, I can add a couple of things that originally wouldn't have made the timeline too. Thanks for taking all this on; definitely a labor of love.

Dave Mc
Feb 15, '08, 10:03 PM
It was never going to be at the REAL toyfair, just our own little make believe toyfair. Now that make believe toyfair is going to be at the Meet, which seems more appropriate anyway. People will actually get to see the stuff displayed in person.

Feb 15, '08, 10:11 PM
We'll make the selections after May 20th and announce them that Friday May 23rd. Plenty of time to ship them to Dave...

Feb 16, '08, 1:26 AM
As cool as it would have been to do the photoshoot in Chicago in March, I think this change makes a lot of sense.

Feb 16, '08, 5:45 AM
Glad to hear 79 is now included too, that means Georg's submissions now have a chance to be in the catalogue too

Feb 17, '08, 9:54 AM
I'm really excited about this change, it allows everyone a little more time to make this first publication that much better. I want to thank everyone who has submitted thus far, it's already looking fantastic. It means a lot to have support from great people.

Feb 18, '08, 2:20 AM
One question tho: Since you're including 79 too in the catalogue, will the catalogue itself be twice as big now?

Feb 19, '08, 8:10 AM
Not twice as big, Thomas. I suspect we can go beyond the 60 toy/12 page limit, but I'm not sure at this point what it will look like.

Feb 19, '08, 10:57 AM
The extended deadline is great. I can complete the things I was working on and we can include many ideas for submission that previously would not have made the cut.

When you say prior to fall of `79 does that mean you will not consider the Buck, Black Hole and ST-TMP lines? Those would have been released that fall but assume that at toy fair they would have had prototypes and such. If those are off limits this time around I would be fine with that. Even with the extra time I don't know if I can work up some submissions for those lines and complete what I already started.

Feb 19, '08, 5:12 PM
hey that's great I might actually get time to do something.

Feb 20, '08, 4:01 AM
Man, I'm almost tempted in giving it a shot, lol.


The Sentry
Feb 23, '08, 10:33 PM
AWESOME! What a great idea! It will be a gas to see alot of the submissions up close! :yes: