View Full Version : Dukes of Hazzard line: If Figures Makes Vehciles, Which Ones Would You Want?

filmation batman fan
May 9, '13, 3:07 PM
When Anthony Balasco said they were looking at eventually making vehicles and playsets, I was thinking about the Dukes of Hazzard line as well as the DC Super Heroes. As a kid, I had all the Megos of the Dukes that were made and I was bummed out because the packaging turned out deceptive since not all the characters let alone any vehicles were made. I like the prototypes of the 12 inch figures. I can't see them making vehicles for those figures, but for the 8 inch line, if they make vehicles for those figures, which ones would you want to see come out? My vote is that as long as they make a General Lee for the 8 inch figures, I'll be happy. As a kid, I thought there was one since the General Lee and the Hazzard Sheriff's car were on the package illustration.
The vehicles I think would make the best candidates to make would be:
General Lee
Hazzard Sheriff's Car
Boss Hogg's Caddy
Daisy's Jeep
Daisy's Yellow Plymouth Roadrunner

Which of these would you like to see?

My vote is General Lee

May 9, '13, 8:00 PM
Yeah, you've got to have a General Lee.

- Ian

May 9, '13, 8:38 PM
General Lee and the caddie for sure. I'd probably by a cop car, too.

May 9, '13, 10:09 PM
Hows Roscoe gonna chase them Duke boys without a car? Roscoe needs his car and Flash riding shotgun.

May 10, '13, 5:03 AM
General Lee
Daisy's jeep & yellow Roadrunner
Roscoe's cruiser
Boss' Caddy

Earth 2 Chris
May 12, '13, 7:29 AM
I had a General Lee that was ALMOST the right size for my 8" Dukes. The scale was right, but it was trick to cram them through the windows and sit them in the seats. The roof was too low. But it worked.

I'd like to see the General at least. Daisy's Jeep (I had one of those too. It worked fine), Boss' Caddy, Roscoe's car (a must have) and if we're daydreaming, Cooter's tow truck.


Lord Mongo
May 12, '13, 8:23 AM
I echo everyone else, the Hazard Sherrifs car, the General, Daisy's Jeep... BUT Cooters tow truck would be cool, instead of Boss' caddy

May 12, '13, 9:24 PM
The General Lee is the obvious choice. I'd also like Hughie Hogg's white VW Beetle convertible.