View Full Version : Figures DC license also includes cartoons but NOT movies or live action TV shows

May 9, '13, 12:41 PM
Figures emailed me back and said its DC license also includes cartoons like Super Friends but NOT movies or live action TV shows.

Good news for Super Friends, guess we'll wait and see about Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter.

Hoping for Bruce Timm DC cartoons Batman and JLU!

May 9, '13, 12:58 PM
Yeah they probably give the movie toy merchandising to Mattel, Kenner, Hasbro, etc to create mass market merchandising.

May 9, '13, 1:07 PM
It's a actor's likeness issue.

WB would have to start paying Lynda Carter, or Figures would have to sign a separate deal with her. Same thing with Reeves estate.

WB has no interest because they're trying to make new actors the faces associated with the characters.

May 9, '13, 1:07 PM
That's fine with me. More stuff for them to choose from the for cartoons.

May 9, '13, 1:21 PM
So could we get Shazam! toys from the Kid Power Hour series?

May 9, '13, 1:34 PM
It's sorta like the Batman '66 license. It's just more complicated when someones likeness becomes involved. Hopefully some time in the future a deal can be made. I hope so.

Good news on the animated versions though. I wonder if this includes the Hanna-Barbara properties?

Filmation versions of characters as well (like Isis)?

filmation batman fan
May 9, '13, 2:36 PM
In that case, I'm rooting for the SuperFriends all the way. So I say, bring on the Wonder Twins!! Bring on the ethnic SuperFriends! And bring on the Legion of Doom!!! Please let it happen!!

May 9, '13, 3:18 PM
I'd Much rather have Black Lightning than Black Vulcan. All about the long pants.

The Toyroom
May 9, '13, 7:27 PM
I'd Much rather have Black Lightning than Black Vulcan. All about the long pants.


May 9, '13, 10:03 PM
Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman from the "Planet of Oz" episode would be ridiculously cool.

filmation batman fan
May 10, '13, 12:41 PM
How about the evil SuperFriends from the Universe of Evil episode? That would rock, or the SuperMonster Dr. Frankenstein created in "SuperFriends Meet Frankenstein".

I'd sooner have Black Vulcan and I would take the main version or the All New SuperFriends version with the long pants.

dee T.
May 13, '13, 11:01 AM
I put in for a order for some parts I needed at Figures Inc the other day, and at the end of the order it asked what new products you want to see at Figures Toy Company. I put in for Hanna-Barbera cartoon figures. Got my fingers crossed for these. :yes:

Woo- Hoo, my 100th post!

May 13, '13, 11:03 AM
I would love to complete my Challenge of the Super-Friends and the extra Super-Friends including

*Plastic Man
*Black Vulcan
*El Dorado
*Apache Chief

May 13, '13, 3:40 PM
I'm hoping for a new version of Isis. I inquired, and the response was "We're working on it."

Hopefully, this one will actually LOOK like Joanna Cameron! LOL!

May 13, '13, 4:16 PM
^ So does that mean that they can do Filmation characters as well?

Wouldnt Super 7 be neat?

May 13, '13, 7:12 PM
If we're talking Filmation, how about Space Academy?

May 14, '13, 7:55 PM
Please make the Superfriends figures and the classic Hall of Justice and Legion of Doom Darth Vader looking helmet thingy from the swamp. Sorry, I forgot the name. Hall of Doom? Is that right? Oh well, you get the point.:grin:

Jun 9, '13, 4:19 PM
As long as we are talking corny cartoons, I personally would love to see The New Adventures of Batman. LOL Sweet Tooth, Electro, The Chameleon, a Batmite Zarbor two pack. Stupid, yes. Cheesy, yes. But, wopuld also be cool, especially in a nostalgia kind of way.

Jun 10, '13, 2:02 AM
All of the great animated hero possibilities! All of this DC ReMego Superhero product is making me giddy with happiness. And that's just the DC stuff. Things are pretty great these days. I love "Megos".