View Full Version : as a newbie, can not wait for june to meet you all.

Apr 27, '13, 12:58 AM
As a kid I was blessed on christmas day 1972 to 1976,between the two I had gotten the Planet of the apes gift set treehouse ( four figures), all the robin hood merry men (will scarlett was my fav), big jim camper 4 figures, WGSH spiderman and batman. a Tonka indian winnebago , Pulsar, Evel KNIEVEL van and cycle sets, Six million Dollar man, super GI joes, Micronauts... anyway as a kid of the 70's I so loved mego...

80's on I moved out, Mom and dad throw all my stuff away, from 1980's until 2003 I worked in 16 bands as singer/songwriter.

Now today want to re-collect alot of lost Items and meet new friends,


Apr 27, '13, 1:01 AM
I also have a few unique first time custom items I am milling over and buying pieces for.

Apr 27, '13, 1:14 AM
This will be my fourth Meet. I am looking forward to it with much excitement!

It's a lot of fun, and there are a lot of good guys in the hobby!

Apr 27, '13, 4:03 AM
This is mine and my brothers third... My fiancee and my Daughters second they cant wait for june they love it... Cool show... Great people.

Apr 27, '13, 6:29 PM
The Meet is awesome! You are in for a treat.

Apr 27, '13, 9:15 PM
It is and you are!

I am worried though that I may not have anything to sell AT the meet, because everybody keeps buying my stuff!

Apr 28, '13, 6:00 PM
Once you go you always will want to go