View Full Version : Greatest American Hero

Apr 24, '13, 3:35 AM
This is a no brainer. Ralph(in the red suit), Ralph(in jacket, shirt, tie, slacks, and Earth shoes), Bill, and Pam. Maybe even a few of the little green guys. Probably a slim to none chance, but one can dream.

Apr 24, '13, 7:07 AM
I feel your pain. I finally admitted defeat and bought the FX Ralph.

When I met William Katt I asked him if he had any laying around that he wanted to sell. He said he had 1 and that his daughter had it.

Apr 24, '13, 7:46 PM
This was tossed around by Doc for a while after he produced the FX one. He spoke with William Katt a couple of times, but I believe the issue was Cannell. No idea where it would go now since he died. Not sure there would be a huge market for it. I know Doc wanted to get a cast of the Bill Maxwell head but the owner was reluctant to do so. I guess with the new scanning and 3D printing there is another route around it now. Only odd ball would be Pam since there's no original to reference.