View Full Version : Evel Knievel

Apr 23, '13, 11:51 PM
Would be great to see a return of the stunt cycle, but I doubt that'll happen.

Apr 24, '13, 7:09 AM
The Toyroom's repro box is going to look amazing.

Apr 24, '13, 11:25 AM
Well, Playing Mantis and Poof-Slinky already came out w/ repros of the figure and stunt cycle. I don't think making a bigger stunt cycle to go along w/ the figure would work out, since there are existing molds for the 6" line. Maybe a larger bike for display or that you can manually push, but not one w/ a winder.

Apr 24, '13, 8:43 PM
That's what I was thinking about. Maybe a modified version of the Fonz's motorcycle from the old Mego Happy Days line.

Sep 18, '13, 3:19 PM
evel's available for preorder now at bbts and though i didn't look ftc id assume.

Sep 18, '13, 3:26 PM
sorry not at ftc yet

Sep 18, '13, 7:47 PM
Here is my Evel chopper and Evel custom. 8167

Sep 18, '13, 9:49 PM
^^^ Nice custom! I'm excited to see this figure come out. I imagine we'll see custom cycles popping up everywhere. But this one is really nice. Great work!