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Feb 14, '08, 12:52 PM
TV's Spider-Man/Peter Parker 2-pack

Author: Austin Hough (megowgsh) and Paul Kuhr (daremo)

Line: World's Greatest Super Heroes

Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Customizers: Austin Hough, Paul Kuhr

Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: Paul Kuhr, Anthony Durso

Author Notes: This is a 2-pack featuring Marvel's Spider-Man and his alter-ego Peter Parker as they appear on the weekly television program. Pictures currently unavailable.

EMCE Hammer
Feb 14, '08, 1:11 PM
I was hoping you'd get in the game!

Feb 14, '08, 1:12 PM
You big tease!!! (best J. Jonah Jameson voice) "I WANT SOME PICTURES!!!"

Feb 14, '08, 4:53 PM
I'm really interested in seeing this one.