View Full Version : How much new CTVT stuff will be used for the new lines

Apr 20, '13, 3:07 PM
Do you think that the NEW CTVT figures will have all new accessories, or will they use a bunch of items already on their site? Would they use the yellow pouch belt for an Adam West Batman and say "close enough", or make a more screen accurate belt. Use oven mit gloves, the rubber gloves or fist gloves they sell now? And what about colthes? I mean you cold put together a pretty decent Batman with just the stuff on their site, just need the head, but it wouldn't be show accurate. It would be closer than Mego got though, especially with a good sculpt.

Apr 20, '13, 3:21 PM
I think it will be new stuff. I expect (and hope) that most of the new accessories will be sold piece by piece as well.

Brown Bear
Apr 20, '13, 3:22 PM
I wonder if that new pouch belt was actually made for 66 batman and sold as a result.

Apr 20, '13, 10:11 PM
I'm expecting a case by case basis. For example the existing "Opaque" Robin belt they sell is already close enough to the original there would be no need to remake it.
On the other side of the spectrum, if they use the existing blue boots are usable as the color isn't really a match. The rubber of existing green gloves isn't pretty either.
Just two examples. The gloves despite being the same rubber material oddly work very well for Batman but stand out poorly on Robin.

Apr 21, '13, 4:06 AM
I bet Shame uses existing Western parts.

Apr 21, '13, 4:19 AM
Those pouch belts they are sell now are too large for mego figures. You can make them look OK for a photo, but if their parts for these figures don't fit better than those new belts, they will have some terribly upset customers.

Apr 21, '13, 4:37 AM
the pouch belts are old Famous Covers molds, so the don't fit too good on Mego.

Apr 21, '13, 6:48 AM
I bet Shame uses existing Western parts.

Which would be a "shame"--the earlier western accessories were rife with molding & material defects.

If we do see a lot of recycling, as opposed to new runs & new tooling, it doesn't bode well.

Apr 21, '13, 9:53 AM
I hope and expect they'll make new accessories for the 66 Bat line, it will be interesting to see how they handle the gloves now with the different options available.

Apr 21, '13, 10:19 AM
Great subject...

I think they will use some of their typical items like the blue hero boots for the Retro Classic Batman and the green weird looking pixie boots for Robin. Same for oven mitts gloves and any obvious similar items. I think that the TV Batman figures will use new items or else we are of to a bad start as any of their current items look suitable...

Ah! And I don't see them selling individual accessories for this line (hope I'm wrong)...

Apr 22, '13, 7:12 PM
Well, the Robin gloves look like the Gloves they started selling a few months ago, but in the correct color for Robin. I think they look great, but Batman will need newly sculpted gloves for the scalloped edge he has on his. They did not re-use the usual Robin shoe sculpt or pre-existing belt, so it looks like the detail on these will be very show accurate.