View Full Version : Could pocket superheroes return?

Apr 19, '13, 11:24 PM
Figures is making an all sculpted Barack Obama figure, so non-clothed smaller figures are evidently something they're looking at.
If they could bring back the pocket superheroes line would you be interested? Personally, I LOVE the things, and would buy every one they made if they reproduced the originals and added new ones.

Apr 19, '13, 11:37 PM
I might be. DCD tried it and failed.

Apr 20, '13, 12:00 AM
I might be. DCD tried it and failed.

Yeah...I remember those. They were horrible! The heads weren't even sculpted. They were like little barrels with faces printed on them.

Apr 20, '13, 12:11 AM
I have liked 4" DC figures since Mego PSH I had the 4 Superman characters. I have almost all Mattel DC Infinite Heroes which are what DC Direct Pocket Superheroes should have looked like. DC Direct PVC figure sets were nice and ended too soon. I am collecting DC Collectibles Injustice 4" figure 2 packs. Mattel hinted this week in April 15 q&a that it might bring back 4" DC figures! So, I do not know if figures can license 4" scale like 8" cloth which Mattel seems to have abandoned.

Apr 24, '13, 8:56 PM
I posted a suggestion about 3.75" scale repo figures in general on their FB page. The response was something along the lines of "we'd love to produce figures in that scale, but we have no plans at this time." I'm thinking if enough collectors start bugging them about the subject, they'll see that there's a demand for them and possibly get the ball rolling. Mattel and Hasbro seem to have a lock on the DC and Marvel license for 3.75" figures, though.

Apr 25, '13, 9:19 AM
I have a couple pocket heroes but I don't really like them all that much. Even when I was a kid I couldn't understand why Robin didn't have green sleeves or why Superman's chest symbol wasn't painted right. Stuff like that.

Apr 25, '13, 10:12 AM
I did some due diligence on doing 3 3/4" figures, you're looking at $5,000 in tooling per figure , then tack on manufacturing and license fees. Unless you've got a purchase order from Wal-Mart handy, that's no where near as profitable as 8" figures.

I love the format too but I'd be a) Surprised they if they did it and b) doubly surprised that Mattel doesn't have first dibs on that scale.

Apr 25, '13, 10:41 AM
Probably the bendie format is open because nobody wants it

Apr 25, '13, 11:26 AM
I might be. DCD tried it and failed.

For a "failure" line, they sure released a heckload of characters. Like 60, or something crazy like that.

Apr 25, '13, 11:29 AM
It would be cool if more companies did retro figures in that scale.

Earth 2 Chris
Apr 25, '13, 12:43 PM
I always felt DCD's Pocket Heroes were more in the vein of block figures like Mini-Mates, despite the Mego name. I liked them for what they were. The JLA table is epic.


Bruce Banner
Apr 25, '13, 1:12 PM
Would love some CAH or PSH style figures.

One of the reasons I liked Mattel's 3.75 inch Crisis line was because they reminded me of them in many ways.

Apr 25, '13, 2:10 PM
I loved DC's Mini Mates line. Why that line couldn't/didn't continue beyond 8 waves still baffles me.

Apr 25, '13, 5:18 PM
I would be interested. I loved them then and love them now.

- Ian

Apr 25, '13, 10:49 PM
Liked the CAH line, despite the fact that each figure looked like they were doing unspeakable things with that hand not to mention taking a dump. Still have the PSH Spider-Man and Hulk.

Apr 25, '13, 10:53 PM
For a "failure" line, they sure released a heckload of characters. Like 60, or something crazy like that.

True. And that JLA table was cool.

But the figures ARE awful, and the line DID fail. So did DC Minimates, and those were excellent.