View Full Version : Which RETRO Batman characters do you want that Mego NEVER made?

Apr 19, '13, 10:58 PM
Figures plans to extend its Retro Batman line to figures Mego NEVER made, so which Bat characters do you want?

I want:

Golden Age Batman 1939 1st appearance
Neal Adams Batman longer ears and cape no pupils
Earth 2 Robin BOTH costumes
Earth 2 Huntress
Batgirl BLACK bodysuit RED purse
Barbara Gordon
Comissioner Gordon
Batmite/ Ace Bathound 2 pack
Silver Age Batwoman Kathy Kane
Silver Age Bat-Girl Betty Kane
Two Face
Poison Ivy
Mr Freeze
Mad Hatter
Ras Al Ghul
Killer Croc
Catwoman purple dress green cape

24 figures 6 waves worth enough to carry through 2014 Batman's 75th and beyond!

Apr 19, '13, 11:07 PM
Tim drake kid version robin!

Apr 19, '13, 11:19 PM
I think your list pretty much covers everybody Ovenmitt!

Apr 20, '13, 12:12 AM
Second to purple dress Catwoman I really want the Creeper. He is considered somewhat part of the Batman family being that he is stationed in Gotham City.

Apr 20, '13, 1:30 AM
A Batman that actually looks like Batman did in the 70s

I think they should give us the Batman and Robin MEGO should have given us.

Redo the gloves like Green Arrow, give us an accurate Bat logo, and a more accurate head sculpt. Give us an all new Boy Wonder in Teen Titans scale, plus Disco Nightwing.

Also, E2 Robin had three costumes.

One was a variation.

His Red Green and Yellow costume started with an open cowl (similar to Kid Flash) by COIE, it had a domino mask.

Apr 20, '13, 8:12 AM
All of them

Apr 20, '13, 8:28 AM
Damian Wayne.

Ra's Al Ghul.


Man Bat.


Commissioner Gordon.


Brown Bear
Apr 20, '13, 8:41 AM
I was wondering when this thread would start.

I'd like to see a retro Killer croc

Apr 20, '13, 8:57 AM
Miltie as louie the lilac

Apr 20, '13, 9:08 AM
I gotta say, now that Mattel broke the ice on modern characters like SC Sinestro and Kyle Rayner, they shouldn't be off limits, and definitely shouldn't take a backseat to other characters who have yet to be made in retro style.

I like a mix.

Now, if the plan is to reissue originals before majorly expanding the line, then that is what they should do, but if they extend it beyond what MEGO did, then no character should be off limits, nor should they be bumped in favor of a less popular character simply by merit of being a more classic character.

I would rather have Spoiler than Crazy Quilt (though ideally, I wouldn't have to choose, as they would do both).

Just my opinion.

Apr 20, '13, 9:52 AM
A Julie Newmar Catwoman! (and now I'm gonna get one!)

Apr 20, '13, 9:53 AM
It is unclear if Classic Toys will expand the line beyond Batman 66. The only new characters will be from the show based on the look of the show, the RE Mego will be just reproductions except for Trazan and Conan, which have added orginals. Am I right? Can someone verify this?

Apr 20, '13, 12:24 PM
If the 66 line is really a reality, why not police chief ohara, penguins goons, aunt harriet, the moth, joker henchmen, catwoman thugs, the list can go on. I really hope they make Chandell, Madame Zelda etc etc. I want the really obscure characters from the show.

Apr 20, '13, 12:25 PM
False Face

Apr 20, '13, 1:23 PM
Gotta have Cluemaster on my list. Can we add The Outsiders as well? Batman use to be their leader.

Apr 20, '13, 1:28 PM
Would love to see a Tim Drake Red Robin, I loved that version.

Apr 20, '13, 1:32 PM
Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Ra's and Talia, Mr. Freeze. Some form of Clayface, Batman from Planet X

Joshua the Atomic Robot
Apr 20, '13, 2:56 PM
I'm a fan of the goofy and colorful villains from the '50s and '60s, as well as crazy Batman variant costumes. Some of my picks would be:

Polka-Dot Man (aka Mr. Polka Dot) - My favorite one-off Batman villain. He wears a white jumpsuit covered in colorful polka-dots, like a bag of Wonder Bread.
Catwoman (purple dress)
Poison Ivy
Batwoman (Kathy Kane)
Bat-girl (Betty Kane)
Mr. Freeze
Jungle Batman and Robin (Tarzan-like variant costumes)
Crazy Quilt
The Batman from Planet X (aka The Batman from Zur-En-Arrh)
Killer Moth
Rainbow Batman (variant costumes from Detective Comics #241)
Batman Revenge Squad
Zebra Man and Zebra Batman
Hugo Strange
The Monk

Apr 20, '13, 6:58 PM
When Mattel announced their Retro-Action line a few years ago, I got excited and envisioned 30+ characters over a 2-4 year period. We know that went downhill fast. Now in 2013, Figures is showing us their vision of DC. I will approach this more carefully because I know how quickly toy companies plans can go south. I hope they can deliver on their very ambitious project. I would hope that eventually they can obtain the rest of the DC characters and even Marvel, but again I am trying not to get overly excited. I am however very happy they are reproducing the originals as they appeared in the 70's. I have always wanted mine back but with a small budget for collectibles I could never obtain my childhood toys. Now I can finally have all my favorites once again, Six Million dollar man (bbp), vintage Star Wars (hasbro),Mego Star Trek (emce), and finally Worlds greatest heroes (figures). I am one happy camper.

Apr 20, '13, 8:03 PM
Figures did say the Retro Batman line would be extended beyond the ones that Mego produced so this is not just for the TV series Batman.

Lord Mongo
Apr 20, '13, 8:57 PM
Given the prices quoted per figure, I imagine that the biggest problem will be to produce names that will be both recognizable and marketable. The idea of reproducing the Superfriends, or the Justice League are going to be the most likely candidates.

Personally, Yes, a Neal Adams/Jim Aparo Style Batman would be awesome, as would finally having a Commissioner Gordon, or Alfred.

But for me, Its all about the BAD GUYS..

Killing Joke Joker - swivel arm body to get that "look"
Bane - upgraded muscle body (like Doc's)
Killer Croc - Same as Bane
Poison Ivy

Apr 23, '13, 11:48 PM
Barbera Gordon(from Batman 66)

Apr 24, '13, 8:30 PM
for the comic book batman
poison ivy
ra's al ghul
mister freeze

Apr 24, '13, 9:06 PM
Would like to see DC's non-superhero characters get the Mego treatment, too. Jonah Hex, Unknown Soldier, Sgt. Rock, and even Alfred E. Newman.

scott metzger
Apr 25, '13, 8:49 AM
My two top wants might be possible here in a collectors aimed line: Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. These two are cornerstones of the Batman universe, but we always get the "kids won't buy a guy in a tux or a trenchcoat" when it's a retail line. This, however, is a collector's line, so we shouldn't hear that or "girls don't sell!" :) As for other characters, I'd really hope they keep the selection to the Mego era, as there's so much to work with there you don't need to jump beyond the 70's. Scarecrow, Killer Moth, Ra's, Talia, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Blockbuster. Heck, throw in the Earth two versions of Batman and Robin, and add Huntress. So much just from that time period they could draw from.

Apr 25, '13, 5:22 PM
Let's not forget Man-Bat.

Apr 25, '13, 5:32 PM
That might be a smidge difficult, as they'd need a whole new sculpt for the body to include wings.

Apr 25, '13, 5:38 PM
That might be a smidge difficult, as they'd need a whole new sculpt for the body to include wings.
true Mego retro style would just do something like what they did with the Falcon. Not difficult at all.

Apr 25, '13, 5:58 PM
If course I want Killer Moth, Cavalier, & Crazy Quilt, but that's a long shot, I know. So:

Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
Clayface II
Mad Hatter
Ra's al Ghul
Classic Catwoman (dress)
Blockbuster (hulk body)
Huntress (E2)
Robin (adult, E2)
TT Robin

Perhaps Creeper, early Killer Croc, Bane & disco Nightwing, but I really just want classic characters from the "Mego Era"--nothing much after 1981.

Apr 25, '13, 6:01 PM
And how about a "Build-a-Henchman" customizing kit--what fun!

Apr 25, '13, 6:13 PM
FTC has the hulk base body so how about a solomon grundy or blockbuster?

Apr 25, '13, 9:18 PM
For me none.. Don't like any of the DC characters. Marvel now that is a different story.

Apr 25, '13, 10:44 PM
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze

Apr 25, '13, 11:34 PM
Has anyone done the original Bob Kane "smiling" Batman and Robin? Forgive if this was already posted.

scott metzger
Apr 26, '13, 2:50 PM
And how about a "Build-a-Henchman" customizing kit--what fun!

Hey, they could sell a generic goon head in different hair and skin colors, and make some shirts (tiger pattern, question marks, etc.) and sell those so folks could assemble their own varied goons from whatever parts they want.

Apr 27, '13, 5:12 PM
I would love to see an Eartha Kitt Catwoman at some point. Not enough heroes or villains of color if you ask me. She'd be great!

dee T.
Apr 29, '13, 7:39 AM
DC Figures I would sincerely buy in retro-Mego style :

A Modern comic book style variant Catwoman


70s comic book variant Scarecrow

A Cassandra Cain BatGirl variant

Night Wing

Clay Face

Killer Croc


70s comic book variant Mad Hatter

Apr 29, '13, 7:58 PM
There would be one character I'd like FTC to make, even though Mattel made one already (which happens to be one of my favorites from that line), I'd still get it, particularly if it is done in true retro-Mego style: TWO FACE. And for a totally new one: THE SCARECROW. RA'S AL GHUL as well.