View Full Version : The "band" will not be getting back together this year

Mar 19, '13, 3:38 AM
Unfortunately it looks like I will be the reason the band (of 8) won't be getting back together. I will be in NYC for a Wedding that Saturday, after an extended European vacation with the wife. It's hard to complain about the reasons, but it still makes me a bit sad I won't have my annual Mego weekend.

Chuck, I leave the MegoSuite completely in your capable hands. I am sure the new hotel will make for a nice change, and I hope the concept of the Suite survives and even thrives in the new environment. My best times every year happen because of it.

I really wanted to initiate a Saturday Night BBQ too. I think it makes a lot of sense, but if no one takes up that challenge, perhaps I will put it on next year's agenda.

I suspect the Mego Races will also survive in some manner, and between the Nagy's, the Gordy's and the Baltazar's, I expect it to be in good hands.

Mar 19, '13, 6:17 AM
I think we can let you out of one Meet - just means you'll have to pull double duty next year ;-)
Gonna miss having you around bro

Mar 19, '13, 8:13 AM
will miss your attendance sir!

EMCE Hammer
Mar 19, '13, 8:51 AM
Sorry to hear you won't make it Paul - I was counting on you to be grill master. Raincheck?

Chuck, I will PM you about the suite.

Mar 19, '13, 2:38 PM
Sorry to hear you won't be there. Enjoy the trip and hope to see you next year.

Mar 19, '13, 8:21 PM
Awe, bummer. You shall be there in spirit.

Mar 19, '13, 8:31 PM
You will be missed, sorry to hear it.

Mar 19, '13, 8:35 PM
It was great meeting you last year Paul. You will be missed!!

Mar 19, '13, 9:43 PM

I've been there 8 years in a row (05-12) - this will be my ninth. Consider yourself replaced.

Mar 21, '13, 7:19 AM
I always look forward to seeing you Paul. But it is for a good reason, so have fun!!

Mar 23, '13, 10:10 AM
Have a good time on vacation Paul, not seeing you there will be a big bummer. Telling Laura you're not going to be there, that's another story all together lol

Mar 27, '13, 7:41 PM
Thanks for the kind words. It truly is the people I will miss most. Ed, keep telling Laura "You just missed him, he was here a minute ago".

Mar 27, '13, 9:11 PM
paul you will be missed for sure buddy.

The Sentry
Apr 16, '13, 7:05 PM
Man, that totally stinks! Oh well, we'll catch up next year then!

Apr 25, '13, 12:51 AM
Well, poop. I'll be sorry to miss you, Paul, but I understand completely. :)