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Dec 8, '12, 3:51 PM
Last night Mr noir and I browsed megozine and planned for the future issues.

The entire time, orders kept popping up on my tablet. It was enlightening to know this concept was so positively supported.

It makes all the aggrevation of putting this together and trust me, there has been some swearing, worth it.

we're not in the break even zone yet but already talking about how to add more content and goodies to issue 2.

Also thanks for all the offers of help, if I haven't replied its mostly due to the fact that I'm drowning in envelopes right now.

Dec 8, '12, 3:55 PM
Bursting with country flavor and pride, I imagine!

Happy for you and the hobby!


Dec 8, '12, 4:20 PM
That's awesome B..I hope all your hard work pays off

Dec 8, '12, 5:07 PM
A fan effort for the fans, genius idea! ;)

Dec 9, '12, 12:41 AM
We're w/ you all the way, Brian! :hokay:

Brown Bear
Dec 9, '12, 4:41 PM
Glad to hear. I am very excited about this latest extension of this wonderful website and I hope I can help/contribute in some way besides just buying it.