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Feb 2, '08, 5:42 PM
anybody remember this action figure from the early to mi d70's

Feb 2, '08, 6:51 PM
Can you help me identify this unknown? - Mego Talk (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?t=8075)

Feb 2, '08, 7:01 PM
yeah I remember that cheapy looking figure,i found it a garage sale once :grin:

Feb 2, '08, 7:16 PM
I loved this toy as a kid. Sadly the hands tend to have melt problems. I have a boxed one and the hands are melted on it. :music-smiley-019:

Thadiun Okona II
Feb 3, '08, 12:58 AM
I had one of those when I was a kid. I always thought it was some kind of Bruce Lee fig. Now I finally know. Too bad the crap came out of his arms & ruined his outfit-it was kinda kewl.

Feb 3, '08, 6:06 PM
I still love this figure even though it cheesy.it did remind me of bruce lee I remember being advertised in comics in the mid 70's.I finally found one I only paid 11.60 thats with shipping not bad !! in box

Feb 14, '08, 7:51 PM
Sorry to everyone I dont mean to rant about the same thing I finally got my kung fu fighter toay I love it!!!!!!!!.I guess since I saw in the comics in the mid 70's and never got one I was traumatized anyway its pretty cool I guess siince their was no KATO or Bruce Lee figures in those days and i did watch green hornet re-runs this was the closest thing.oh yeah the hands are detached like everyone said but the threads still look good and the box is in great condition for its age.thanks to anyone reading this

Feb 14, '08, 9:20 PM
I always thought it looked like Bruce Lee but I've heard it may have been inspired from the David Carridine Kung Fu character. Later on there was a carded Young Kung Fu figure released from Durham of a smaller, bald figure (Grasshopper maybe?).

Feb 15, '08, 1:31 AM
I read years ago that Bruce Lee was originally going to be cast as Kung Fu until he was replaced by Carradine last minute maybe Durham went into production before Bruce was replaced and could not recall the figures thinking it would cost too much to redo the face to look like Carridine. I heard Bruce never got over that one he was mad cause I think he helped develope the character.Maybe the only way to test this theory is to see when the figure came out but the box has no dates