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Jan 29, '08, 10:49 AM
WGSH wave y, and x
Author: Brue Hoyt (brue)
Line: Mego World's Greatest Superheroes!
Toy Execution (Custom)
Packaging Execution (TBD)
Toy Customizers/Collaborators:
Cheetah outfit screened by Austin Hough (sewn by me), body / head original mego uhura
Lex outfit screened by Austin Hough (sewn by me), body / head original mego kirk - hair dremmeled off by me, original GA body, boots CTVT
Black Manta costume made by and original Chips body supplied by Derek Combs, AJ scuba tanks supplied by Meule, head brian leitner (painted by me), boots are AJ (I think)
Flash suit, boots, and body original Mego SHAZAM, head is mego cap america, head and hands painted by me. emblem created by me. This would be better with a red torso spidey or human torch body. a better head or at least better paint job would be in order.
Geen Lantern suit by brian leitner, original mego joker body, doc mego paul clark head, paints and emblem done by me, boots are ctvt or doc mego but should be replaced with original

Daredevil - brian leitner head, i don't remember who made the suit, ctvt or doc mego boots (should be replaced with original), emblem modified from image om paul riggs museum emblem cache, body original spidey, belt FC, paints by me
King Pin body orig Boss Hogg, head Kojak, suit boss hoog colored by me, shoes original fonz, cane toy biz
Dr Doom tunic sewn by me, CTVT suit, belt and boots,, orig iron manhead painted by me, orig tin man body
namor suit and belt paul clark, body and head aorig mego SHAZAM, bracelets pen caps. paints by me
Doctor Octopus by Steve Moore

Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: [TBD]
Author Notes:

First off - I am not the caliber of talented customizers who post here but I do think that at least one more wave of WGSH would be in order. I love my customs to look Megoey

Probably 3 waves of 5.

wave z:

DC - Flash, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, Black Manta and Cheetah

Marvel - Dr. Doom, Dare Devil, King Pin, Doctor Octopus andSub-Mariner

and X-men - I DO NOT HAVE CUSTOMS OF THESE but it would make sense
since mego likes waves of 4 I would think Beast (a chance to reuse Muscle body), Marvel Girl (since Marvel only has one girl), Ice Man, Cyclops, Angel or maybe prof x to avoid wings

OK - I can't remember how tyo make the images show up
I clicked the add pic button, entered the url of the image and nothin.

i think i hab=ve now...









IMG_4018 (http://megomuseum.com/gallery/Brues-customs/IMG_4018)
Steve's Ock

Jan 29, '08, 1:12 PM
/\ pictures added

Jan 29, '08, 6:23 PM
Now that's what I'm talking about, cool looking customs

Jan 29, '08, 8:23 PM
Nice work fellas

Jan 30, '08, 11:08 AM
Cool figures.

Jan 31, '08, 10:18 AM
Something about the execution of that DR DOOM really
shouts: "FIRST or SECOND wave" of WGSH to me...good job...
I think you hit upon something cool there