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Jul 19, '12, 9:12 PM

The Transformer's Action Masters toy-line arrived at the tail end of the original Transformers run from the 80s. I suspect they were more well known in Europe than in the States as the series ran a year longer in that market. It's fairly easy to come across an incomplete Starscream Turbo Jet. I liked the design. It reminded me of the Micronauts' Photon Sled. I wanted the modifications to be simple.

The whole story is here. (http://5mmtoyhacker.blogspot.com/2012/07/action-masters-starscream-turbo-jet.html)

Jul 20, '12, 10:25 PM
Very cool! I love the way you redesigned it!

Jul 20, '12, 11:02 PM

Weird point: that plane doesn't look like Starscream.... it looks more like the core robot from the Aerobots or Technobots in vehicle form.

Strange, but it does make for a surprisingly awesome vehicle. Looks like a souped-up version of Zanzibar's flying boat thingie.

Don C.

Jul 20, '12, 11:20 PM
The storyline with Action Masters involves all the Transformers losing their ability to transform. They are trapped in robot form and have to rely on external vehicles and various allies. The figures in my humble opinion sucked as they had no articulation. But all the vehicles are to Micronaut/GI-Joe scale so very useful for modding.

Jul 20, '12, 11:23 PM
@Don yes, Starscream's jet didn't particularly look like Starscream.