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The Sentry
Jan 16, '08, 4:41 PM
"The Incredible Hulk, Marvel's TV Sensation!"
Author: Lee Harrah (AKA "The Sentry")
Line: World's Greatest Superheroes
Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): Custom
Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): Custom
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Lee Harrah (The Sentry), Austin Hough (megowgsh),??? (Mefiboschet)
Packaging Customizers/Collaborators:Anthony Durso (The Toyroom)
Author Notes: This is a line that NEEDS to be here, plain and simple, and IMO it was silly that Mego didn't do this! I would have been in Heaven. Friday nights at 8:00 you knew where "Little Lee" would be, right in front of a TV watching this show!
Thanks to everyone who made this possible and to the Museum for making a life long dream my personal reality. Also, a very special thanks to Anthony Durso for making me something I saw sight unseen and make it EXACTLY how I wanted it! You are the man!

J.L. Harrah Jr.

Here's the pics,

Mego Milk
Jan 16, '08, 6:05 PM
Holy TV Hulk!
Nice figures sir.
I wish this 1978 thing was for really real.
I'd go back in time and buy 'em.

The Toyroom
Jan 16, '08, 6:37 PM
They look...well INCREDIBLE, Lee! You're right....definitely something that SHOULD have been done back in the day!

Jan 16, '08, 7:42 PM
Very cool, definitely deserves a place in the catalogue

Jan 16, '08, 8:16 PM
I want it.
I must be one of the biggest hulk tv series fans there is. I have to say it brings me to tears that no one has actually made these for real, Mego had the license but as usual screwed up.
nice work indeed.

The Sentry
Jan 17, '08, 1:14 AM
Thank you all so very much, it means so much to me that everyone loves them as much as I do. This will be my only submission but it's one that really needs it. It's more out of foolish pride and love I have for toys I wanted for over 30 years and finally got.
I got the greatest compliment about these from my mother, she said, "Wow! I bet this is how it would look if you bought it in a store, they never made that for you. So you did what you always do, you went out and did it yourself.".
It brought a tear to my eye.

I try to stay as faithfull to a Mego plan as I can, with basic everything, I paint when needed, add tastefully when needed. That's my style I guess. Mego put so much in body and clothes and likenesses were a hit/miss situation. But sometimes they hit it RIGHT ON THE HEAD! This is one of those "Supposed" cases.
Thanks once again for looking and commenting. This has made my day alot better! :yes:

Jan 17, '08, 10:28 AM
These are the figures I always wanted as a kid! And the packaging, oh the packaging! What a beautiful idea to have it as a two pack! Perfect! But please don't stop there! We need to see Mr. Jack McGee, and how about when Banner/Hulk gets trapped in mid-transition? THAT I'd love to see!

You know, I bet if there was a way to get in touch with Lou Ferrigno he'd love this! Great job!

Jan 17, '08, 1:25 PM
Holy TV Hulk!
Nice figures sir.
I wish this 1978 thing was for really real.
I'd go back in time and buy 'em.

So would I! And if I knew how, I'd make a bigger transporter, to house wider figures like the Hulk, so I could have a cool transformation chamber!

Jan 18, '08, 6:45 AM
Some fine work there......does it come with sound chip for the piano music at end credits???They are superb....

Jan 18, '08, 6:49 PM
The talant I see here is simply amazing. Great job.

kingdom warrior
Jan 18, '08, 10:01 PM
Wow That Rocks!!!!!!

Jan 19, '08, 1:59 AM



That is freakin' OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!:drool_y:

These aren't the toys you're looking for. You want to send them to me.

The Sentry
Jan 22, '08, 5:09 AM
Thanks you guys! That really means alot to me. I thought the "1978 Re:Imagined Project"
Needed something actually thought of, but never done. This is something that NEEDED to be here. Plain and simple as I said before. Thanks again there, KW and Gamma Bro!

Feb 1, '08, 3:28 PM
Excellent, I wish we had more TV stuff.

The Sentry
Feb 2, '08, 1:31 PM
Excellent, I wish we had more TV stuff.

Thanks abunch! I totally agree! ESPECIALLY THESE! Thanks for commenting on my submission, I really appreciate it!

The Sentry
May 20, '08, 12:14 AM
Bumpin the thread! How is everyone around here?