View Full Version : Now this is a classic toy!!!

Elastic Hulk
May 24, '07, 4:05 PM
Anyone remember this?? This toy was awesome!!! I remember a kid at school had it and I wanted one sooooo bad!! Never got it, but hopefully I will soon enough.


Remco Monster
May 24, '07, 4:25 PM
Yep, I own one. Thought it was great as a kid.

A friend of mine (Creaturella on the board) has one as well, and even made me a monster, and sent it to me! Been meaning to frame it.

Evel KMego
May 24, '07, 8:30 PM
Yes! I had one as a kid, and would love to get another one.

May 24, '07, 8:34 PM
Oh yeah, the girls version of this was called Fashion Plates. When Jim Henson's Dinosaurs came out, they made a similar toy for that too.

May 24, '07, 8:56 PM
still have my original plates.

Jun 10, '07, 11:58 PM
I remember seeing that in ad after ad in the comic books.

Jul 12, '07, 9:27 AM
Yep i got one years ago (back in 82-83?) when I went shopping with my grandmother.

Jul 12, '07, 7:26 PM
I still have mine sitting in my brothers closet. Tomy also made one with cars/vans and that is lingering around here too

Jul 12, '07, 11:41 PM
I had one when I was a teen and my sister had the Barbie version. I still have most of mine packed away but the box did not survive.

Nowadays, I use HeroMachine to make my aliens, monsters and superheroes.

Jul 13, '07, 8:10 AM
Oh dude I haven't seen that in years. I never owned it but my good buddy three doors down from me had it! We played with that quite alot.

Jul 14, '07, 5:25 AM
Pretty sure mine is still around.

Jul 14, '07, 9:17 PM
never had one as a kid but those look awesome. cool stuff. mike

Jul 14, '07, 10:49 PM
That was an awesome toy! I still have mine, some of the plates are missing and the box is long gone. Damn I think I might have to play now:biggrin: