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May 24, '07, 8:10 AM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/unclebobby.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/unclebobby.jpg)

I just heard the sad news that Bobby Ash aka Uncle Bobby passed away on May 20th. For nearly twenty years he was the host of the "Uncle Bobby Show" (later renamed Kids Corner) on CTV.
The above autographed picture is from my collection, I met Bobby at a mall in '74, probably my first celebrity encounter. Apparently the show didn't pay well and Bobby was also a school bus driver and did children's parties to make ends meet.
It was your typical kids variety show with magicians, hippies with guitars, a singing policeman (whose son I befriended in high school), puppets, a lady who played with clay and Bimbo the Birthday the Clown, a wooden clown who had a slight creep factor. You'll be missed Bobby!
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May 25, '07, 9:53 AM
never heard of him,but RIP buddy

May 25, '07, 10:12 PM
Not to be rude, but I had thought he had passed away long ago. RIP Uncle Bobby.
Mr. Dressup, the Friendly Giant, and now Uncle Bobby. That only leaves Buckshot as a still living childhood tv host from my childhood! Age is truly a sneaky bugger isnt it?

Constable John, Casey the Engineer puppet dude, the clay lady, and Bimbo the Birthday clown from hell.....I havent thought about any of them for awhile....now I miss em'all!

May 25, '07, 10:20 PM
In that photo, he kinda looks like Dennis Hopper

May 25, '07, 10:27 PM
From some of the stories floating around, he was more like Dennis Hopper than you might think!:beer:

May 26, '07, 7:44 AM
He lived next door to an ex girlfriends grandmother, sad to report that I had heard this rumour many, many times.