View Full Version : JLU/The Batman figures wanted!

Jan 5, '08, 1:17 PM
Can anyone help me out finding any of the following? I've been combing the local stores and am about to give up and just pay eBay scalper prices.


Grodd 6-pack... Never showed up at any of the Targets around here, and it should be on clearance if you can find one.
Mister Miracle 3-pack... I keep just missing this one. Found the remnants of this assortment, but not this particular pack.
Fire & Ice 3-pack A boy can dream, can't he?

The Batman:

Shadowtek Superman There's a single and a two-pack (Kryptonite Claw Batman vs. Superman)... I'd like them both if possible.

If you have or can get any of these, I'd sure appreciate it. I'd also be happy to return the favor by keeping an eye out for anything you might want, but pickings have been pretty slim around here lately.