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Jan 2, '08, 11:20 AM
Doctor Who Womobile Vehicle
Author: Johnmiic
Line: Doctor Who
Toy Execution: Custom 3d Mock-up
Packaging Execution: TBD
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Johnmiic
Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: TBD
Author Notes: Following the popularity of the DW figures released in the UK a Mego/Palitoy version of the futuristic 2-seater is released. Illustration or pics will follow shortly.

Jan 2, '08, 7:16 PM
Look forward to seeing that....Pertwee actually had it built for the show and owned it ...it was fully road worthy.

Dave Mc
Jan 2, '08, 8:54 PM
Need some pics John!

Jan 2, '08, 9:02 PM
Need some pics John!


Jan 2, '08, 11:19 PM
Sorry. Just read Scott's clarification for submissions. I'll assemble the pieces this weekend and post the pics.