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Dec 11, '07, 3:01 PM
Hey everyone,

MEGO "re:IMAGINE!" 1978 Catalog Project: Project Timetable

We have needed to scale back our page count for the catalog supplement from 16 pages to 12 and set a limit of 60 toys total. Obviously, not every submission will be used in the final catalog, but all will be included in an online project gallery here at the Museum. Our goal is to create a cohesive, high quality catalog that authentically illustrates what might have been at Mego in 1978 and the showcase the creativity of Mego Museum customizers and artists.

Phase 1 — Brainstorming

This phase has already begun. Members are invited to continue to post product ideas. Recommendations are not necessary…it's gotta be something you can actually produce! If you want to see someone else's exquisite custom piece included, please ask them to post the item themselves. Photos of pre-existing or work-in-progress customs are encouraged, as they will give folks a visual idea of what you propose.

Phase 2 — Pitching to R&D: January 1-February 17

Formal submissions to the project will be posted as new threads in the 1978 Re:Imagine Forum between January 1-February 17th. You may post as many submissions as you like at any time, but please use this format to enter them:

[Project/Concept Title]
Author: [Your Name (Your MM ID)]
Line: [Mego Line]
Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): [Choose One, or TBD]
Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): [Choose One, or TBD]
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: [Choose One, or TBD]
Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: [Choose One, or TBD]
Author Notes: [Your inspiration or reason behind concept]

Include as many pictures in your post as needed to illustrate your project.

Phase 3: Choosing the Product Line:

During the Toy Fair week of February 18th-22nd (an historically accurate Toy Fair date!) submissions will be reviewed by the project team with input from some former Mego employees and 60 products will be chosen for inclusion to the catalog.

Phase 4: Catalog Creation

Chosen submissions must be mailed by March 1st to Benjamin Holcomb and Scott Adams, who will photograph the products and design a gorgeous, authentic catalog! Please note that creators will be asked to cover shipping (with insurance) costs both to and from California. In shooting photographs for Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!, Benjamin handled literally thousands of beloved, rare toys, and not one toy was damaged… so rest assured your creations are in good hands.

This keepsake catalog will be distributed through MegoMuseum.com, at Mego Meet and at San Diego Comic-Con.

We look forward to your participation!


The Mego Museum 1978 Project Team
Brian, Scott, Dave and Benjamin

Jan 2, '08, 9:16 PM
To clarify: Only post a submission thread when your project is ready for submission and includes images of finished work.