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Jul 14, '11, 11:50 PM
Big Jim may have been long gone but his body got a lot work in 1978 when Mattel launched a series of action figures based on TV properties like Tarzan, How the West was Won and Grizzly Adams. Many of these items were made utilitzing items from the European Big Jim offerings at the time which unless you were from Italy, would be blissfully unaware of.

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Jul 15, '11, 12:23 AM
I love the Tarzan cartoon, the Ron Ely series, and some of the old movies. Nice re-use of the PACK figure. Can't see the West figure, (the crease ate him!), and I remember seeing the Grizzly Adams movie in the theatre w/ my mom and a couple of eps of the series. Interesting that they'd make the figure a muscle man, (reuse Big Jim body), when the actor wasn't that way.

Jul 15, '11, 12:27 AM
Oh wow, the jungle cat was reused for Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe. Cool.

Jul 15, '11, 1:14 AM
Oh wow, the jungle cat was reused for Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe. Cool.

I was just going to comment on that.


Jul 15, '11, 1:59 AM
This is a pretty good overview of the concepts and sculpts taken from Big Jim and adapted for He-Man.
JIMSMASH ! ! !: BIG JIM: MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (http://jimsmash.blogspot.com/2009/01/big-jim-master-of-universe.html)

Jul 15, '11, 3:36 AM
I had the Tarzan sets. I think there were 3 of them. I used to play with them in the creek.

kingdom warrior
Jul 15, '11, 11:17 AM
That Tarzan is another of My Grails..........

Wow I always dug heman didn't realize they used the same concepts

Mar 28, '13, 10:29 AM
Still have my Tarzan and ape intact. Wish I had held onto the backer card they came with!

Earth 2 Chris
Mar 28, '13, 10:59 AM
I had no idea Mattel recycled THAT much into He-Man! From concepts to actual molds. Wild!