View Full Version : HELP ! Mego folk, HELP.

Jun 26, '11, 12:10 AM
Hey Guys,
I'm SO non-tech. I can't get my "contact" photo up [the picture that appears next to your name when you post]. I have it "on" there, it says it's there. Yet I reply or start a thread and there's NO photo there.
Also, how do I remove sold/traded items from my "members gallery" section ? I'm ****ing people off, as they think this stuff is still available.

If you can help me on either of these drama's, PLEASE send me a personal message.
Thanks megoheads,
Richard [megodeco].

Mego Magyar
Jun 26, '11, 9:09 PM
Hope this helps - go into you image gallery and when you click on an image to view it there should be a tab to the right "image tools" click on this and you should see "delete image".

As to your "contact" photo next to your name - there is a Tarzan next to you id "megodeco" so I'm not sure if that's what you mean or is it something else?