View Full Version : big jim vs cassius clay

Jun 6, '11, 2:48 AM
I wanted to make a homage to the greatest boxing champion of the world ... the photos are on my blog
GIOCOLLEZIONIAMO (http://giocollezioniamo.blogspot.com/)

Jun 6, '11, 9:50 AM
Great pics! I forgot that Mego's Muhammad Ali and Mattel's Big Jim are the same size. And it's cool that Jim has his own boxing gear.

kingdom warrior
Jun 6, '11, 9:53 AM
Ha!!! This is great. When I had my Ali doll back in the 70's I got a few of the mattel figures to fight Ali.......they all got knocked out by Ali......:smiley1:

Jun 7, '11, 6:51 AM
I set them up together in the big Jim karate place it looked more like a boxing gym with all the boxing characters. Cool pics.

Jun 7, '11, 7:35 AM
Awesome! I loved mine when I was a kid. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!

Jun 10, '11, 4:23 AM
thank you guys...you are welcome in my blog!:yes::yes:

Jun 11, '11, 10:28 AM
Huh!.. I guess he is the greatest. I mean if he can beat up Supes. I guess Big Jim didnt stand a chance.