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May 17, '07, 7:30 AM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/trekbed.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/trekbed.jpg)

Here we have a small snippet of my childhood, if asked which bedspread I wanted there is no doubt in my mind that the six year old me would have chosen Star Trek (http://www.megomuseum.com/startrek/index.html). I was forced to watch it every Saturday morning when my sister had a fleeting crush on William Shatner (she now shivers when you mention that) and I became hooked for life.
My mother would have bought the Sesame Street set, maybe due to her hatred of Science Fiction or maybe just to keep me a kid a little while longer. Either way, I have no umbrage about this but in a small way by denying the trek, you fostered my geek drive mom......

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The Toyroom
May 17, '07, 9:53 AM
I had Super Friends sheets as well as a Batman sleeping bag...lots of great 60s art on that one.

May 17, '07, 10:50 AM
I never wanted any of them.
Even as a child, to me they seemed childish.
I dunno, they just didn't float my boat.

Today though, as a collector....
I did buy the Black Hole Canadian sheet set.
That thing is a work of art.

May 17, '07, 12:29 PM
I have that Star Trek set now!:yes: It goes great w/ my Star Trek sleeping bag!

May 17, '07, 12:31 PM
I remember me n' my bro had the NFL bedspread and sheets.

I think there are some very rare Planet of The Apes bedding.

I also like the Kiss sleeping bag, another sorta rare item.

When i first got into the nostalgia trip 15 years ago, I useta buy star wars sheets and pac man pillow cases by the armful from the thrifts. Stuff was everywhere. Dukes of Hazzard curtains? Sure! You don't see that stuff like ya useta at the thrifts anymore......

May 20, '07, 2:52 AM
My Dad had some influence in my childhood likes and dislikes, and I suspect the NY Giants bedspread and Go Navy and Blue Angels posters were distinctly his influence. I still bleed Blue, and cry whenever I see the "Missing Man" formation.

May 20, '07, 10:42 AM
Somebody posted on the blog and it jarred a really painful memory for me. I never had any fun sheets because I had my parents old hammy down bed which was a queen size, I just got pillow cases.

May 20, '07, 11:20 AM
"Hammy down" hmmmm...never heard it said that way before...(Hand-me-down) Sounds just like it when said fast though..lol. :googly:

I had so many sets growing up...Muppets, Trek, Snoopy, He-Man, and right now, on my "guest bed" in the spare room we have Return of the Jedi sheets, just for those 'intimate encounters' :smiley1: