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May 16, '07, 6:35 PM
Does anyone have info or pics of these toys? They were 12 Star Wars wanna-bee's.

I used to have the Vader Rip-off, which I recently re-qcquired on eBay and the short robot w/the flying saucer vehicle. I think there may have been a C-3PO rip-off as well. I cannot recall.

May 17, '07, 9:09 AM
I belive this is what you are refering to

He has a chrome body & Green head

Here are the other figures in the line for those who have fogotten

May 17, '07, 9:39 AM
Oooh...I had that red saucer ship, with the robot (I remember it being motorized or something and the door sliding open and the robot rolling out) when I was a kid...It's just another in a long line of toys I had that mysteriously vanished.

If I recall correctly, it was pretty cool.


May 18, '07, 8:16 PM
Ive got all these guys but Kent and his Cosmic Cruiser, I'd kill to find one at a decent price . These things are awesome!!:grin:

May 20, '07, 8:11 AM
I have the Star Team Knight on the way to me now...I got him mis-listed and paid next to nothing for him. :) I got him because he shares the 1966 Ideal body. (Captain Action) I'll boil him and pop him apart, plus I get a free black suit with cape and big goofy-dome Darth head for FREE!! :smiley1::cool:

I had Zem kicking around here somewhere....now HIM and Mego Hulk used to have great adventures when I was three....:smiley1:


May 20, '07, 8:11 AM
Yeah, that them. I had the saucer too. Wish I had saved it.

Sweep Secondhand
May 23, '07, 12:10 PM
You know just about every piece in the Star Hawks line was cannabilized from other toys. The body of the dome headed robot and the saucer came from the Zeroids. The Knight of Darkness was a Captain Action body and boots and the ray gun was from the CA Flash Gordon set. Kent was an Action Boy body wearing a Mork space suite and helmet and his "Cosmic Cruiser" was a repainted Evil Knevil Sky Cycle which was too small for him. Zem was the closest thing they had to an original figure but he was sculpted on an Action Boy body. I think these just came along at a time when we were all hard up for larger action figures and that's why everyone loved them.

- Sweep