View Full Version : Old Marvel plastic 'statues'? Anyone remember these?

Oct 8, '07, 10:38 AM
I've been trying to locate a series of Marvel 'statues' that were produced back in the 1970's. These were probably 8 inches or so in height, 1-color plastic molds, and each of the statues had a flat base so they could stand. I recall the figures were very realistic looking and detailed, but were all 1 color, blue, red, yellow etc. I had a Captain America and I THINK a Hulk. I believe there were others made, possibly Sub Mariner and Iron Man, but can't recall for sure. I don't know if these were cheap 7-11 toys or something else.

Has anyone heard of these?

Earth 2 Chris
Oct 8, '07, 12:06 PM
Those were reissues of the 60s Marx Marvel plastic figurines/statues I believe. I remember seeing them advertised in mid-70s Marvel comics. I have a red Cap statue myself. I believe its the 60s version.

By the way, welcome!


Oct 8, '07, 12:11 PM
Were these the Marx statues? If so, they are all over ebay (or used to be).
I remember Iron Man rippin up some chains. I had Spidey with arms up.
Try searching for Marx and the name of the hero you want.


(Chris of Earth-1?)

knight errant00
Oct 8, '07, 12:15 PM
You mean these?


They're the ones from Marx . . .

Earth 2 Chris
Oct 8, '07, 12:21 PM
Here's the pic knight errant00 was linking to:



Oct 8, '07, 12:41 PM
Thanks for jogging my memory! Either these aren't the same ones, or my memory is faulty (which is possible!). I was sure the base was smooth, oval shaped for all of them, and the figures more dynamically posed. I would have owned them around 1975 or earlier...

Oct 8, '07, 2:16 PM
Here's where we had discussed these a short time ago with some pics.

hard plastic super heroe's - Mego Talk (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?t=3805)

Earth 2 Chris
Oct 8, '07, 3:25 PM
There were smaller hard plastic Marvel figurines made during the early 80s and advertised in Marvel comics of the time. They came with scissor-like "activators" so you could move them. They also had holes in their hands to slide down strings. I had two sets of these, ordered from Heroes World comic ads. I found out in recent years they also had sets of figures that came with mortorcycles.


Oct 8, '07, 4:23 PM
Now I think I know what you're talking about. My bad.