View Full Version : I notcied "Reply", "Quote" and "Quick Reply" all of 'em are blank

Mr Mego
Sep 6, '10, 1:56 PM
When I've been tried to reply post in Oh Nayrbgo, you cheeky fellow.... - Mego Talk (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?t=47299) then both "Reply", "Quote" and "Quick Reply" are not showing up, blank?? :confused:

I can see "Reply", "Quote" and "Quick Reply" but there's no white background with fonts, bolds, smiles, etc.

LMK what's going on, thanks. :)

Sep 6, '10, 2:03 PM
oh that massive picture is skewing everything over to the right!

Mr Mego
Sep 6, '10, 3:08 PM
Oh, LOL!!! :smiley1: Yeah, if they posted huge pics that we can't see them in the middle of slide bar. :grin:

Thanks for a quick LMK! :2thumbsup: