View Full Version : Planet of the Apes Set Wanted!

Aug 16, '10, 8:38 PM
Do anyone know where I could purchase all of the Planet of the Apes mego trading cards? Thanks

Aug 16, '10, 8:48 PM
Welcome to the forum. These cards are not for sale but rather traded between members. Some advice that was given to me when I started was, stick around post some messages, make some friends and the cards will come. This is a great site and is full of great people and tons of information. If you want to get a starter set go to Starter Pack of Mego Museum and PlaidStallions Trading Cards (http://plaidstallions.ecrater.com/p/4009580/starter-pack-of-mego-museum-and-plaidstallions) and get some cards to start trading for your apes. Enjoy.


Aug 17, '10, 7:23 AM
I will send you a set of my MegoCIPSA apes cards if you want them. They are not an official part of the Mego Museum set. They are sort of an offshoot set that I made due to my love of the CIPSA apes line. You can see the card artwork on my site http://www.megocipsa.com

Just click on any of the thumbnails of the figures and the card front will pop up. If you would like a set, just PM your address to me, or click on the link on the Contact page of my site to email me.