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Sep 28, '07, 7:50 AM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/remco/remcoheader.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/remco/superheroes.html)

Starting a look at the toys produced by Remco with the 1979 Energized Super Heroes (http://www.plaidstallions.com/remco/superheroes.html)selection, featurings not just Spider-Man but all your favourites getting the low tech electronic treatment.
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Sep 28, '07, 7:52 AM
I really want that stuff

I'm not kidding

It may be awhile til I get it tho'----hope I live to see that day

(great pic Bri---I'll check out the rest sometime too)

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 28, '07, 8:29 AM
I remember getting Spidey first, and then Christmas of 79 I got Superman, Batman, Hulk, and the Mego 12" Spidey for Christmas! What a Christmas that was. Man oh man.

I remember thinking that Remco's Batman looked like Irv Novick's from the then current comics. Finally, a "grim" Batman with longer ears, unlike Mego's cheery 8" version.

An odd thing I recall about this line; My Batman head broke off. My dad fixed it by whittling a stick down and inserting it into Batman's head and shoulder holes!

A few years back I got a set of Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Batman and Superman from our own Steve Moore. Steve even threw in the Goblin and Superman boxes free of charge. It was great to have these back, plus the Goblin who I never had before.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Brian!


The Sentry
Sep 28, '07, 9:03 AM
Oh, that Hulk! I want that Hulk! :yes:

Sep 28, '07, 10:36 AM
Those figures are cool,but man they are way to stiff to play with