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Jun 14, '10, 3:48 PM
Here are some pics I took Friday during set-up.





Here's some of what I walked away with.
I can't thank Berto enough for that Rook SG and those original Pirate pistols. Now my LaFitte can finally do battle.

Well, another meet is in the books. And it was again a blast. Well worth the 14 1/2 hour drive I make each time. My son and I had a great time. I appreciate all the deals everyone made me. There is no better place to get good buys on stuff than the meet, not even in the marketpkace.

I was really impressed with all the new faces this year. I won't even begin to list everyone (I'm so bad with names). I am so glad you all came, with wifes and kids, it was great to see. I believe next year our ID badges will have both our real names and museum names.

And to the old faithful - Brian, Dave, Chris, Berto, Tom, Charlie, Ron, Paul, Doc, Chuck, Derek, Jim, Art & Rose, Scott, BL, John, Steve, the CAW gang and all the others a big ole hug ya'll. While I will talk to you all almost everyday here I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

If you are ever on the fence about coming I urge you to. Even if you are shy like I am you will fit right in. Sure you do have to talk some to get the ball rolling but it's so worth it. Putting faces with names, hanging out in the suite, going to Undos, watching the Mego races (new this year), listening to Art tell his stories, everything - really makes the museum that much a more fun place to be. You already know when it will be in 2011 so mark your calendars. If I can drive 1650 miles round trip anyone can make it.

See you all next year (hopfully I'll be employed too :wink:).

Scott A (Mr. Andersen to Rose, :wink_y:)
And to Berto and Tom - "Lookout, it's GODZILLA!!" :smiley1:

Jun 14, '10, 3:53 PM
I only see one pic. ;)

Jun 14, '10, 4:15 PM
I only see one pic. ;)

Sorry about that. Hit post too soon.

Jun 14, '10, 5:05 PM
Look at all the Mego goodness on those tables :drool:

Jun 14, '10, 5:21 PM
Look at all the Mego goodness on those tables :drool:
wait till i give garage sale the video tapes

Jun 14, '10, 5:57 PM
Great pictures, thanks for sharing. My attempts at picture taking always yield poor results so I'm grateful others take some good ones to relive the event.

Toy Talk
Jun 14, '10, 6:46 PM
It was great to finally meet you Scott. You were the first person I talked to in the museum when I joined last year. The advice you gave me and guidance along the way has been appreciated greatly.
I only wish you could have found that Flatt Firefighter to bring along. :wink_y:

Jun 14, '10, 7:02 PM
I totally agree with Scott...I had a blast, got great deals, & enjoyed everyone's company.

You guys rock.


Jun 15, '10, 5:40 AM
Great pix Scott, I even recognize my bald spot in one of them. its always great to see you Scott, and its good to know you made it home safely. That's a heck of a drive, about the longest I know of the people who drive regularly.

Jun 15, '10, 5:52 AM
Great pics!

Jun 15, '10, 7:51 AM
Always a pleasure seeing you Scott! Hope you unloaded a bunch of stuff.

Jun 15, '10, 11:13 AM
Fantastic pictures. :beaming1:

Jun 17, '10, 1:08 AM
Wow Scott!!
You finally got some pirate pistols!! That is awesome!

good times all around.

Jun 17, '10, 1:15 AM
I totally agree with you Scott....the meet is well worth any long drive or trip....great pics and thanks again for the swaps :wink_y:

Jun 17, '10, 8:51 AM
I love seeing pics of that room each year. One day, I'll see it in person.

Jun 17, '10, 8:54 AM
I must have missed this when you posted it . . . great seeing you and your son. Keep your chin up you'll find work soon sir!

Bizarro Amy
Jun 17, '10, 10:28 AM
Is there any chance we'll see the group picture with everyone's names listed? There are a few people that I met, that I can't quite put the face with the name(or user ID).