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Trappy Trek Freak
Jun 14, '10, 8:57 AM
Hey, thank you guys for checking out my stuff, I think I needed like two tables to set it all out LOL. There was a guy with a red shirt I think that wanted my green shirt Kirk and I felt bad for not letting him get it but I will make you one. I'm sorry I don't remember your name everything happened so fast. I have a bunch of SuperJoe stuff too that I can custom make, LMK if anyone is interested. I had a great time and my wife has a new respect for the mego/mego-like hobby cause she sat at the table and told me that I got a lot of nice comments about my stuff, thank you to all of you who liked my Trek/SJ stuff. I only sold one figure and it was my Data, I just wanted to show but the guy really liked him so I let him go. My son and I entered the custom contest, ours was the knight, I don't know if anyone liked him but Chaser was really proud of him. Thank you all and if you guys are interested in any of my stuff just PM me and we will go from there.

Jun 14, '10, 5:51 PM
That was a most impressive and diverse collection of figures Trappy. I was probably one of those that commented while your wife watched the table.

Jun 14, '10, 6:25 PM
There was so much to see and do at the meet, I wish I had more time to stare at the goods at your table. I don't think I've seen so many Star Trek custom megos by a single person in one place before! Some were really inspired.

It's great that your wife hung out at the meet all day! Mine popped her head in twice, and the second time she was getting money for her spa treatment down the road.

The custom table was probably a great highlight for most of the kids there. Your son did a terrific job with his kinight and those Terminator Treks were a really fun idea.

Jun 14, '10, 6:34 PM
Trappy's table was sweet, at first I didn't realise it was there and when I walked into that room Saturday morning my first word was, "whoaa!" Some really sweet Trek customs, and seeing SuperJoes really put a grin on my face. Yeah you definitely had enough there for two tables, it was crazy!

Jun 14, '10, 6:45 PM
All of those were just awesomw to see. I did the same double-take when I first saw them.

Trappy Trek Freak
Jun 15, '10, 9:15 AM
Thank you guys it makes me feel good to know I made something that you guys like. I really have been getting into making SuperJoes here lately. It was very cool of my wife to hangout all day she is the best. Hey Samurainoir, thanks for mentioning Chaser's Knight, he was really proud of it. I will be making lots of SuperJoes if anyone wants to buy a couple, and my wife is going to make a green shirt for kirk for the guy that really wanted my green shirt Kirk really bad, she is on a mission to sell him one.