View Full Version : haves and wants list for MM10

Jun 8, '10, 1:25 PM
Pics here: http://gallery.me.com/bruehoyt#100056

99.9% of the stuff in the pics is going to be on the table.

Many items unseen in pics will make the trip also but all Mego stuff is pictured.


One robin/aquaman glove. Please look at pics for Trades

MM cards 74, 76-85, 88, 90+

I have a stack of cards to give/trade as well

If I think of anything else I'll post it.

Jun 8, '10, 4:51 PM
I bought a bunch of stuff from your table last year.

mego boy CA
Jun 8, '10, 5:22 PM
i have some cards for you Brue from your list. pm coming your way.

Jun 8, '10, 9:16 PM
oh yeah - i could use one ape glove and a new heart for my tinman (megojim gave me one last year but a few months ago it was missing - best guess -it must have fallen off and been vacuumed)

wayne foundation 07
Jun 9, '10, 5:41 PM
Hey I see you still have that Captain America still,I thought for sure someone would have grapped him up.

Jun 10, '10, 2:28 PM
Hey I see you still have that Captain America still,I thought for sure someone would have grapped him up.

well - i have listed exactly zero things for sale in since megomeet so everything i left MM with last year is coming back this year.

Jun 10, '10, 2:32 PM
oh - i need an ear piece radio transmitter. i am currently butchering my mask to draw on ear pieces.

and i never went back and made a new correct iron fist logo so i need that to

my captain america mask isn't finished and i'm not happy with my emblem

so i will bring battered versions of my flash, superman, and iron fist costumes.

Jun 11, '10, 8:50 PM
woo hoo!

i arrived at the meet set up and sold a few items, overate pizza

and i went in search of my robin glove.

no luck - until larry arrived (nvmbrsdoom)

he hooked me up with it - price: FREE Thanks.

i then acquired several MM cards i needed and bought a set of repro emblems fron David Lee.

i let Lily buy a JJ Planet patrol repro mego playset from Rich who also gave me another toy for Eleanor. He has given my kids toys in the past as well - THANKS.

Jun 11, '10, 9:29 PM
Hey, if anyone sees a POTA tree house giftset, let me know!

Jun 11, '10, 9:54 PM
Glad I was able to help! See you in the morning, we're getting an early night's sleep so we can have a long day tomorrow