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Jun 8, '10, 11:04 AM
While I'm into Micronauts, I won't have many to sell, although my wife may be selling some pieces from her Palisades collection.

What I will be offering will be a wide range of non-Mego toy & comic stuff from the 70s & 80s. Still unearthing a lot of it, but the stuff will include:

For trade or sale - two HMS Company Mego Speed Burners race track design sheets.

Transformers SFC PVC figures, Beast Wars Neo Japanese figures and other nice Transformers stuff. Maybe a couple of prototype and box-proof pieces, and /or Diaclone pieces.

Some character glasses, including Burger King Jedi ones & misc Star Wars stuff. Maybe also a boxed Kenner DEATH STAR.

Some vintage & modern ALIEN stuff.

Smurfs Gargamel original cel.

Lots of various trading card stuff, including vintage Outer Limits, Star Wars, and oddities like Dinosaurs attack, Speed Racer, etc.

Ultraman toys & stuff.

British 2000AD issues. NewType issues, various comics & stuff.

Lots of odds and ends, mostly all pretty cheap! I'll happily consider trades.

I'll also bring along a selection of Micronauts parts, as I do every year.

Jun 8, '10, 11:12 AM
If you have any superhero character glasses I'll be spending quite a bit of time at your table.

Trappy Trek Freak
Jun 8, '10, 11:47 AM
Hey Ray, I will bring my SuperJoes to show you, thank you for starting up the team for me!

Jun 8, '10, 11:59 AM
Boss - I don't think I've got any, sorry.

Trappy - I'm trying to find that jump suit for you!

Jun 8, '10, 8:43 PM
Anyone want any boxed 1980's cabbage patch kids?

Jun 10, '10, 8:48 PM
Adding some more things, including:

Vintage Boxed Atari SUPER PONG console

Lots of MICRONAUTS my wife is selling from her collection - choice Palisades Emperors, special edition Gold Falcon, series 1.5 special set (with melty bands repaired and carefully repackaged!), Bioscan Membroses...

Ultraman rare 2 foot tall soft plush figure!