View Full Version : I'll have comics and trek stuff at my table

Jun 8, '10, 8:46 AM
Hey guys........I'll selling or TRADING comics in bulk(275 count boxes) of new DC and Marvel(not planing to bring indys at this time...if you want LMK now) and a bunch of trek stuff....the comics will be dirt cheap.... if you have stuff to trade please bring it...I really want to move this stuff....if your not looking to spend cash,swapping is fine for me....looking forward to making plenty of deals :wink_y: thanks

Trappy Trek Freak
Jun 8, '10, 8:59 AM
I am bringing all my Trek figures, there are like 100, I have made some Picard megos with TOS uniforms if you are interested that are extra and a Kirk that has a more detailed head. I will let you see it all.