View Full Version : Need Giganta parts, have some BAF parts for trade

Bizarro Amy
Apr 29, '10, 9:10 PM
I'm looking for Giganta's left arm and both legs. As of right now, I have a Kilowog torso, Imperiex right arm, and Chemo's crotch. If I find any other parts lying around, I'll add them to the list.

Apr 29, '10, 9:37 PM
I have a giganta left arm, pm me and it is yours

Bizarro Amy
Apr 30, '10, 5:29 AM
PM sent!

May 2, '10, 8:14 PM
You gotta price on that Kilowog Torso ? ... or you just looking for Trade ?

May 4, '10, 7:23 AM
I'll take that as a No. :sarky:

Bizarro Amy
May 12, '10, 7:44 PM
Sorry, I haven't read this thread in a while. Didn't notice that there were replies. I don't know what to ask for it. I was really hoping for some other parts I needed.