View Full Version : Can't go PM your want list

Apr 14, '10, 8:06 PM
I going to MM, anybody looking for mego and non mego items , send list and amount your willing to go
and No I can 5 Finger discount anything . its felony in all states, Death sentence among collectors!

Apr 14, '10, 10:31 PM
Wow that is such a nice offer!

Apr 14, '10, 11:52 PM
Oh yeah, baby!


AJ Collector
Apr 15, '10, 12:33 PM
Thanks bro...

Apr 15, '10, 2:53 PM
:smile:i need a mego Tarzan dagger......if someone has one and id pay 15 for it....you think that be enough............and THANKS for offering this

Apr 15, '10, 10:09 PM
Would you be able to get an exclusive? My girlfriend will kill me if I don't get one. :terror:

Apr 16, '10, 12:37 PM
If you want and exclusive , there only 40 , send me a Postal money order for 40 . if I can't get one I'll mail the PMO right back to you.

May 5, '10, 10:00 AM
Bumping up, if you want something let me know that said ,pricey items like the Mego meet figure you have send me PMO.Yu'll get it back , if i can't not get or find you items ,But If purchased you have to accept. you will also get a refund, it i find items cheaper.