View Full Version : The, "Hope to see at MM" list

Mar 18, '10, 10:26 AM
Great White Shark - loose, boxed or both
Webhanded Aquaman

(and let me make molds of both) :smiley1:

Chris DVM
Mar 18, '10, 11:44 AM
Carded Teen Titan Aqualad
Chris DVM

Mar 18, '10, 11:58 AM
Tom, Berto, Chuck, Chris, Ron, Dave, Brain, the Scott's A., the Paul's C., Art, Derek C., Brian L., Chad, Dan, Charlie, Ben, Paul R., James D., Jim H., and anyone else I've forgotten or haven't met yet. :)

Denim Carded Pocket Heroes - US, Canadian, UK, or Italian
Parts, Parts, Parts! - Mego Knights, WGSH, Robin Hood
"Less than stellar" quality Megos in need of revitalizing
More cool stuff that I haven't seen yet.

Mar 18, '10, 1:33 PM
First and foremost - Everybody.

On the Mego front I'd like to find:
a mint Kid Flash head
an original Batgirl helmet and cape
a Rook Super Girl (Berto?)
a T1 Green Goblin
Dinah Mite outfits
any boxed or carded figures I don't have

Mar 18, '10, 4:45 PM
I just wanna see lotsa pics and maybe even some videos

Mar 21, '10, 7:17 PM
I just wanna see lotsa pics and maybe even some videos

I agree! Wish I could go.

Mar 24, '10, 8:40 PM
The people! Seriously if it was just about the toys I wouldn't have made such an effort to go this year. Sometimes I don't talk much but just being with people that "get it" is refreshing. Depending on how my funds are I'd love to see a '79 carded Batman.

Toy Talk
Mar 24, '10, 8:54 PM
I am looking forward to meeting people in person the most. From a mego standpoint I am after the customs and a few original parts.

Mar 24, '10, 9:32 PM
I'd like to find an affordable Aquaman in decent shape, with great color.

I also need some good, cheap bodies and parts for a project I'm planning.

Blue Meanie
Mar 24, '10, 9:36 PM
Webhanded Aquaman

(and let me make molds of both) :smiley1:

Webby may make an appearance. As for making a mold of the hands...not gonna happen. Sorry.