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Sep 7, '07, 9:12 PM
So what cool stuff did you have on your bike? Flag? High Sissy bar? Horn? Bell? Radio? Streamers? Stickers? Baseball cards? Glittery Banana seat?

Take a ride down memory lane!

Sep 7, '07, 9:37 PM
mine just had those tacky 80's puffy cushion things all over the bars :grin:

Sep 7, '07, 9:44 PM
mine had a yellow bandana seat . was a cool huffy.

Sep 7, '07, 10:05 PM
I had a 5 speed schwinn with a glittery red banana seat.

Sep 8, '07, 12:25 AM
My old bike was metallic purple, with a gloss black Banana seat, chrome fenders, "mag" rear wheel, ape hanger handlebars, and the high (went up above my head) sissy bar.
My buddy had a really cool blue version of the same bike that had an odd two speed setting on it, and a "RRRaw Power" hand grip (remember those?) that made motorcycle sounds when you revved the handle.

Sep 8, '07, 12:47 AM
Yep, I had the motorcycle handgrip that made noise too! I saved my pennies for that.

My first bike was embarassing. We bought it from the John Deere store---swear to god it was yellow and green and had the deer symbol on it. I have no explantation...

Sep 8, '07, 2:00 AM
There was an eyeglass frame factory about a block from my house when I was growing up, so us kids would dumpster drive and leave with an armfull of these left over frame bits that we called "clickers".

We would stick them in the spokes, and "clicked" down the block. Besides a bell that was it.

The noise was MUCH better than baseball cards.

Sep 8, '07, 8:11 AM
My thing was the horn and the baseball cards in the spokes

Sep 8, '07, 6:58 PM
Well, to answer my own question:

When I was given the bike, (I can't remember what kind it was) my name was spelled out in red letters (to match the color of the bike) on the bar under the handlebars. I also had a license plate w/ my name on it on the back. My own special touch was Wonder Bread stickers. You remember the ones that were spoofs on college pennants, and car license plates? I loved those things, I had about 6 of them on my bike.

Sep 8, '07, 7:02 PM
how could i forget my yellow huffy with banana seat and license plate with my name on it. thansk for reminding me hardygirl

Sep 8, '07, 8:43 PM
mine was a huffy. man i loved that bike. they had those one of a kind seats different than banana and always black

Sep 10, '07, 11:31 AM
Mine was a dragstar...with most of the things on your list Sharry, and a gear changer just like in an automatic car. I thought it ripped...I have a photo of it somewhere...might dig it up for a laugh.

Sep 11, '07, 10:55 PM
Head light, turn signals, flag, playing cards (but NOT at the same time) :grin:

English Paul
Sep 12, '07, 8:14 AM
Plastic bottle cut into strips stuck into the spokes. I always wanted one of those twist grip rev sound things but my Raleigh Grifter has twist grip gears so they wouldn`t fit.

Pads on the BMX

Stickers on just about every bike I have owned (I still put stickers on my bike now and i`m 36)

I absolutely love push bikes in any way or form and have just worked out i`m on my 14th since been a kid.

This is me on me on no' 14 at the begining of July.


Sep 12, '07, 11:04 AM
ha! I asked my mom and mine was a red BMX huffy,she said she still had the instructions somewhere :smiley1:

Sep 12, '07, 11:26 AM
My bike had a black and silver sparkle banana seat, and grips to match. After riding that for a while, I modified that bike with a BMX style seat, grips, and handlebars. (When BMX became popular).