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Sep 6, '07, 12:04 PM
A few people have been wanting to see this and a friend of mine switched some of my old floppy files over to CD for me. I called it a Batman Grappling Hook but the correct name is Batman Shooting Grapper by Ahi. I first came across a cartoon pic of this while looking through an old issue of the Superhero Catalog by Heroes World


Sep 6, '07, 12:22 PM
You know I'm one of the people who has been dying to see this. Thanks for tracking it down. I wonder if its a direct rip-off of the Fun Stuff version. It looks the same, but those colors are awesome.

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 6, '07, 12:30 PM
Man, that is awesome. It's really strange too. First of all, Batman was hardly ever (if ever) shown with a shooting grapple hook before the Dark Knight Returns rifle version, and Keaton's grapple gun. The only thing I can think of that predates this as far as a bat-launcher is the floor-standing Batarang launcher Adam West used on, I think, one episode of the TV series.

Then there's the contemparary Ernie Chua/Chan Batman drawing along with the 40s Batman logo on the backer card. This baby is a time-bending piece of Bat-merchandise. It even went into the future! Every version of Batman in film, TV and comics now uses such an item, but not back then!

AHI may have been a cheap toy company, but they could forsee the future!

Thanks for sharing!


Sep 6, '07, 12:55 PM
I bought this from Heroes World in 76 or 77 I think. I FULLY EXPECTED TO BE ABLE TO SCALE WALLS WITH IT. I never expected a rubber suction dart. :smiley1:

Sep 6, '07, 1:18 PM
that's awesome Tim,thanx for posting it up :grin:

Sep 6, '07, 11:42 PM
Hahaha, man I used to think the same way, I'd order these things like the shooting grappler or the Spidey web-shooters and I'd think I was really going to accomplish some amazing feats with them! The innocence of being 5 years old I guess :smiley1:

Sep 6, '07, 11:48 PM
The Batman Utility belt from the same era--was that AHI? I loved that thing.

Sep 7, '07, 4:39 AM
Very cool. I really dig the depth and breadth of Azrak-Hamway International's out put.

Sep 7, '07, 8:05 AM
Thats Very Cool. Great Item. Mike

Sep 7, '07, 10:14 AM
Not sure about the Batman utility belt but Remco put out the marvel belts.

Sep 7, '07, 8:54 PM
Very cool, Tim! Thanks for posting the picture! :)

- Ian

Sep 10, '07, 12:06 PM
Thanks for posting that pic Tim, I'm in love with that packaging!

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 10, '07, 12:10 PM
Remco made a Batman utility belt. It had the Batman logo for a buckle. Early versions may have been labeled AHI, not sure.


Sep 11, '07, 7:58 AM
Remco made a Batman utility belt. It had the Batman logo for a buckle. Early versions may have been labeled AHI, not sure.


I have the 78 and 79 Remco catalogs, I wonder if there is a variation on the belts, hmmmmm.

Sep 11, '07, 4:12 PM
That is amazing. Thanks for posting the shot.

Sep 11, '07, 5:06 PM

This is the one I had, by Remco.

This one is similar, but I had the one with the gun. http://cgi.ebay.com/1979-Remco-Batman-Utility-Belt-MIB-w-New-Contents_W0QQitemZ110169242738QQihZ001QQcategoryZ3 48QQcmdZViewItem

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 12, '07, 12:22 PM
Oddly enough, I never had the Batman utility belt. I felt it wasn't...authentic enough. Batman didn't have a Bat-logo belt buckle! I did have the Remco Spidey belt, in a similar package to the Batman one Scott linked ot on ebay.

I didn't mean to say I thought the belts had been released by AHI first. I'm foggy on the whole AHI/Remco relationship anyway. I know they are connected, thats about it.


Sep 12, '07, 12:35 PM
I think I was the one who asked to clarify that Ahi/Remco thing. I've always associated them because the belt and the grappling hook went together for me.
It wasn't authentic, but I was well outfitted. Didn't mean to hijack the Grappling Hook thread.

Sep 12, '07, 5:32 PM
I had that same Remco Batman utility belt that's on ebay. Seeing that picture reminds me of all of the pieces that came with it. :yes:

- Ian

Evel KMego
Sep 12, '07, 6:11 PM
Cool stuff as always Tim!