View Full Version : Any fans of Which Witch? Milton Bradley board game.

Sep 3, '07, 5:21 PM
Do you guys remember this classic?


Sep 3, '07, 5:34 PM
I never played it,but I do remember seeing the game a few times

Sep 3, '07, 6:54 PM
Wow that brought back some classic memories from the past! I didnt have that game but this kid in our neighborhood had tons of games, this was one of them. I just looked on ebay, pretty pricey to buy one complete. 50 bucks or so!

Do you guys remember this classic?


Sep 4, '07, 12:10 PM
As if you didn't know ;)

As a kid, I was never big on board games... UNLESS there was sort of 3-dimensional or mechanical element. Games like this or Mouse Trap not only made for great games, but they could also be used for Mego Playsets. I know they weren't to scale, but use your imagination!

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 4, '07, 12:55 PM
The guys behind the Ventrue Bros. must be a fan of this. It made Col. Gentleman's list of "Toys He Wished He Had As a Lad, But They Weren't Invented Yet."


Sep 4, '07, 9:15 PM
i used to love board games. i never had that one but it was a cool game.

Sep 4, '07, 10:13 PM
This was an awesome game and probably my favorite as a kid. About a year ago I was lucky enough to get one on ebay that was never played with, and I've also got a sealed version of the Ghost Castle game that's shown toward the bottom of the page. The Disney's Haunted Mansion game was also really cool.

Aug 5, '11, 4:51 AM
I was gonna start a thread on this!I had this as a kid,I never really played it though,just set it up and dropped the ball to see what it would do.Ive been trying to buy one on ebay but I keep getting outbid,I guess I would call it a grail for me.

Aug 5, '11, 10:30 AM
I still own the game and it is sitting here on my shelf. I loved playing this when I was younger, actually it was played quite often. Hmm when I think about it now, pretty much every kid I knew in the neighborhood had this game back then. I would easily consider it as being one of my most favorite board games of all time

For records sake I know it was called something else in the UK with a slightly different theme

Ranger 3
Aug 6, '11, 2:25 PM
Thanks for digging up this memory- I loved this game. Got it as a gift as I recall (probably birthday). Made me want to build the rest of the haunted house.


Aug 8, '11, 8:07 AM
Unfortunately it had a lot of pieces that were easily lost. Once they were gone the game was pretty much unplayable.

Aug 8, '11, 9:31 AM
This was my number one favourite game as a kid, although in Australia it was called "Haunted House" and distributed by Toltoys. I have it in storage but can't seem to find a pic.