View Full Version : Do you need a Kilowog Left Leg?

Feb 14, '10, 3:14 PM
I got the Question today. I'm not planning on building the figure even though Kilowog is cool. So his left leg is up for grabs.

I was thinking maybe a trade for some Museum Cards?

I'm looking for some Trek Cards and or Batman Family.

Let me know if you're interested. :)

Feb 14, '10, 3:19 PM
I could use the leg, I will pm you with what cards I have extra

Feb 14, '10, 3:20 PM
YO ! :smiley12:

Shoot me a pm !.?

Interested. My computer is running a little slow..., so bear with me, But I wanty..., I got some cards,.. or would trade a resin head for it. lmk