View Full Version : Godzilla Vinyl toys?

Aug 30, '07, 7:29 PM
Does anybody here collect the Godzilla/Gamera vinyl toys? Or did you as a child?

I collected a bunch for my son, some i got doubles in to save. The latest we just picked up was the Jet Jaguar figure, smog monster & Mothra.

Aug 30, '07, 7:39 PM
I love Godzilla and Gamera toys, and have tons of vinyls that I've bought in Japan over the years. Actually, I've thinned out my collection a bit in the last couple years, I had too many. :smiley1:

I would have killed for stuff like that as a kid, as I was a huge Godzilla fan, but was blissfully unaware of the Bullmark and Popy toys that were being released at the time. I had to settle for the Shogun Warriors Godzilla. A rather poor likeness (especially compared to the Popy Jumbosaurus Godzilla), but it was big, and there wasn't much else released in North America at the time.

The newer vinyls are great for kids (and cheap too). I'm keeping some for my son as well, for when he gets a bit older. :)