View Full Version : Adventure Con in Tennessee: Any good?

Earth 2 Chris
May 14, '07, 7:10 AM
The family and I are heading down to Myrtle Beach on MegoMeet Weekend. We drive right past Knoxville, so we were thinking of stopping by Adventure Con. Is it worth it? I'd much rather be with you guys at Mego Meet, but since that isn't in the cards, I thought this might fix my vintage toy show jones.


May 14, '07, 7:30 AM
I have been every year, I normally set up but not this year, too much of a hassle when eBay is so easy... I will be there of course to buy and trade though... It has never been dissapointing, always a great show... I have found several good pieces there including boxed WGSHs, Silk Screen Supergirl and CS Spidey.... May not be any finds like that this year, but still a huge show, great guests and good times!


~Luey :cool:

May 14, '07, 9:56 AM
I too have been every year in the past and have always had a great time, especially last year. This year it's under new management and looks like it's goping to be a lot different. Personally I'm not going this year
Herer's a link: www.toyshow.org

May 14, '07, 12:37 PM
Never been. Maybe some day.

Earth 2 Chris
May 15, '07, 6:56 AM
Thanks guys. I think we'll stop in on Sunday and check it out.


May 15, '07, 7:43 AM
Hey Chris, give Crisman (steeler80) a shout and see if he's going. He usually does.