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Dec 19, '09, 12:07 PM
I saw an older thread regarding these little guys, but I didn't want to butt-in with my list.

I'm hoping to complete the whole set (each character in the 3 colors-solid/translucent/glittery) but I REALLY want is a full solid color set.

Trade list:

Dr Doom - solid
Dr Doom -translucent
Deadpool - solid

Venom - translucent
Wolverine - translucent (orange one)
Hawkeye - translucent
Absorbing man -translucent
Absorbing man- glittery

Cyclops - translucent

Classic Hulk -translucent
Classic Hulk -glittery
Red Hulk - glittery
Rhino- glittery
Gladiator Hulk - glittery
Magneto - glittery
Juggernaut -translucent
Armageddon -translucent
Hulkbuster Iron Man- translucent

Need list:
(if I need more than one kind, solids win out!)

Clyclops - glittery
Nick Fury - glittery
Beast - translucent /glittery
Doc Ock - translucent
Green Goblin - glittery
Mandarin - solid / translucent /glittery
Black Panther - glittery
War Machine - solid
Venom - glittery
Nightcrawler - glittery
Iron Man Mark I - glittery
Wolverine - glittery
Thing - solid / translucent
Sabretooth - glittery
Abomination - translucent
World War Hulk -solid / translucent / glittery
Gladiator Hulk - translucent
Magneto - solid
Colossus -translucent / glittery
Angel - translucent / glittery
Iron Man - glittery
Spider-man (crawling) -translucent / glittery
Classic Iron Man - solid / glittery
Spider-man (standing)- solid / glittery
Captain America - translucent / glittery
Spider-man (arm netting) -solid / translucent/ glittery
Astonishing Wolverine - solid / glittery
Classic Wolverine - solid / glittery
Rhino - translucent
Iron Clad - solid / translucent
Armageddon - solid / glittery
Red Hulk -translucent
Juggernaut -solid
Hulkbuster Iron Man -solid / glittery
Ufoes X-Ray - glittery

Jan 5, '10, 1:49 PM
I have these:
Nick Fury - clear blue
Nightcrawler - clearish black
Beast - solid light blue
Colossus - clear red
Magneto - clear red
Doc Ock - clear green with sparkles
Spidey - clear blue (arms out webbed pits)
Juggernaut - clearish maroon/burgundy
Iron Clad - solid greyish blue
Thing - clear yellow sparkles
Captain America - clear blue

If you want any of these, let me know. You have one or two I wouldn't mind having. Thanks!

Jan 5, '10, 2:19 PM

Here are my lists...

Trade List
CYCLOPS - solid
GREEN GOBLIN - solid / clear x 2
IRON MAN MARK 1 - clear
ANGEL - solid
IRON CLAD - sparkle
RED HULK - clear
JUGGERNAUT - sparkle

Needed - prefer solid

Shanester: I need Nick Fury, Spidey (webbed armpits)
LadyZod: I need Classic Wolverine

Let me know if we can make a deal!

Sorry Shanester that I dropped the ball on this earlier.

Jan 6, '10, 10:05 PM
pmwasson (http://megomuseum.com/community/member.php?u=1118) -------> PM sent
Shanester (http://megomuseum.com/community/member.php?u=15) , which ones do you have in mind?


Jan 18, '10, 9:13 PM
I need the following HoH guys to finish my sets:
Also to replace some defects (need more glitter / actually clear): Iron Man (shooting right) - glitter

I will pay for a full pack if you find one of these in it! + shipping of course

I have the following doubles to trade from wave 1:

Hawkeye - clear, glitter
Green Goblin - solid, clear
Mandarin - solid
War Machine - clear
Nightcrawler - solid
Wolverine - solid
Sabretooth - solid, clear
World War Hulk - solid
Gladiator Hulk - clear
Colossus - glitter
Spider-man (standing) - solid
Armageddon - glitter
Hulkbuster Iron Man - clear, glitter

I have the following doubles to trade from wave 2:

Professor Hulk - solid
Mindless Hulk - glitter
Iron Man M1 - solid, clear
Sabretooth - clear
Black Panther - glitter (2)
War Machine - glitter
Venom - solid
Green Goblin - glitter
Dr. Doom - glitter
Mandarin - glitter (2)
World War Hulk - clear, glitter
Dark Hulk - clear
Hulk as War - glitter
Zzzax - clear
Madman - solid, clear
Spider Man (w/ webpits) - silver
Astonishing Wolverine - solid
Punisher - clear
Colossus - clear (2)

So now that I officially have all the figures I need...I'm open to selling my doubles at reduced prices. Paypal only. PM me if you're interested.

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Jan 21, '10, 8:51 PM
I wasn't aware of the Gold/Silver variations! Got any pics?

Jan 21, '10, 9:01 PM
Actually I can't b/c I'm a new member? There are pictures of individual figures on HANDFUL OF HEROES COLLECTION! | iTaggit

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Feb 3, '10, 10:33 PM
There is a full set for sale on ebay if you want to see the silver/gold variation of the 4th row.

Mar 11, '10, 9:09 PM
Looks like the silver and gold figures are from wave 2

Apr 8, '10, 9:09 PM
Silver/Gold figures are in both waves. The fourth row is almost imperceptibly the same in wave 2. Still no glitter. Just a minor difference in color "thickness."

Aug 18, '10, 12:35 PM
I just started collecting these little Handful of Heroes guys.

I'm not looking for a complete set (i.e. all three variations of all the figures)
But I would like to have at least one of each of the characters.

I'm looking for an Abomination, Armageddon, World War Hulk (The Version without the Axe), and X-ray

I found all four at Toys R Us on Monday (In three packages even), but I am recently unemployed and resisted the urge to purchase them all.
(Why was I at Toys R Us? My 2nd Daughter turned 2 and they have a birthday club and sent her a coupon for 3 dollars off, we were getting her a 3 dollar present)

Anyway, my true duplicates available for trade are:

Black Panther—Transparent

Colossus Standing—Glitter

Cyclops w/ Earth—Opaque


Doc Ock—Opaque

Dr. Doom—Glitter

Green Goblin—Transparent or Glitter

Hulk Gladiator—Opaque

Hulk Red—Opaque or Glitter

Hulk Mindless—Opaque

Hulk All Ages—Glitter

World War Hulk (With Axe)—Opaque

Hulk Dark—Opaque

Iron Man Modern Armor—Opaque

Iron Man Mark I Armor—Opaque



Sabretooth—Transparent or Glitter

Spider-man Shooting Web—Transparent

Spider-man Webbed Arm Pits—Opaque


War Machine—Glitter

Wolverine Blue/Yellow Costume—Transparent


Lady Zod—Is Armageddon Still Available?

I Have:

Green Goblin Glittery
Mandarin Transparent
Venom Glittery

Calledgestewdent—I've been dying to get a World War Hulk(No Axe Version I don't know if that's wave I or II), I'm also looking for Abomination but I'm not sure I have something else you want in trade.

I Have Silver Webbed Pits spiderman

anyone else feel free to e-mail or PM me if you are interested (UT Squishy @ gmail . com) Remove the spaces of course.

Sep 6, '10, 12:00 PM
Thanks UTS. I sent you an email. So sorry to be getting back so late I didn't realize this thread had moved to page 2.