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Dec 16, '09, 1:16 PM
Some of you may have noticed the new Donation button. We've always accepted donations (essentially what the raffle each year is) but we've decided to be more proactive about it in the form of the donation button.

Expenses just for the website and forums (not including costs to print and ship trading card, etc.) total $2099 a year.

Here is the break down:

$137.50 month server/bandwidth $1650/year
$285/year software license and upgrade to 4.0 (this will be less next year)
$15/year domain registration
$149/year gallery license and upgrade to 4.0 (this will be less next year)

Total yearly costs: $2099

The Amazon link helps out a bit with that, thus our target goal is an even $2000.

If you can't afford to donate, don't fear; the Museum isn't going away, and neither is your forum membership. But if you enjoy the Museum and the forums and have a little money to spare, then please consider donating to the cause.

We have big plans for next year, which include upgrading the vBulletin software and the gallery to v4.0, upgrading/fixing the chat, and more.