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Earth 2 Chris
Aug 22, '07, 9:41 AM
Talk of Secret Wars made me think of the OTHER 1984 toyline based on comic characters, Remco's Mighty Crusaders, based on the Archie Comics heroes. They had "sonic shields" (whistles) and punching action. So they were clearly trying to rip off both Super Powers and Secret Wars. They were squat, had odd facial sculptures, and were cheaply made but for some reason, I kind of liked them. I played with them along with my SP and SW figures. I used the Comet as Cyclops and the Shield as Steel from the Detroit Justice League (he was the only new member of that time I kind of liked). I think I had all of them except the Buzzard. I believe the line-up was

Good guys:
The Shield
The Fox
The Web
The Comet

Bad Guys:
The Eraser
The Sting (or something. He had a skull face and an insect body)
Brain Emperor (a guy with a plastic dome over his brain)

Every one of mine eventually fell apart. Seems like I remember their torsos spliting easily. Their limbs fell off pretty easy too.

The only place I ever saw these was at Dollar General.

Anyone else have these?


Aug 22, '07, 3:24 PM
Being a huge fan of the characters, when I discovered these on a sales list in the late eighties, I freaked out and ordered a set.

The seller was a great guy, in fact he was the guy who turned me onto the whole Mego did Logan's Run theory, collector extraordinaire, John MacGonagle.

When I sent the MO, he phoned me and said "Have you seen the figures before?" I responded no and he said "They're disapointing" I made some sort of "I don't care I need them" speech.

I still remember the moment I opened the big box, even the card art was insanely bland. What a dry run for such great characters.....

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 22, '07, 3:46 PM
I think MacGonagle's Mighty Crusaders collection was the one featured in the infamous "Greenberg's Guide to Super Hero Toys" book.

Yep, they were pretty disappointing. But to a 10 year old in 1984, it was more super heroes. And ones that I had comics of! I knew the figures were kind of lame, but they were cheap, and I could always con my mom into getting me one.

Where the heck was The Fly?


Aug 22, '07, 5:13 PM
I only had the Buzzard (my father picked him up at a yard sale for me, thinking it was some superhero toy I would want to have). They were pretty craptacular toys. :smiley1: Too bad, because the characters were kind of cool.

Aug 23, '07, 9:26 AM
I think they were on par for the Eighties
just think of other toys like Dragonriders of the styx