View Full Version : Got Paco Pirates, from a Ben Franklin!

Aug 19, '07, 9:13 AM
My parents took a trip down to the Outer Banks, NC, and they picked up a set of Paco Pirates for me! There were only 4 different ones, in spite of 6 pictures on the packaging (they tried to find all of them). Interestingly, they found the figures at an actual BEN FRANKLIN variety store, so they came to me in a very nostalgic Ben Franklin shopping bag.

I opened two and found the figures were a bit nicer than I expected, and just slightly larger than Mego. The bodies are injection-molded with sturdy metal rivets, and I was surprised to find bicep joints that really make up for the lack of wrist articulation. The costumes are pretty good, and the accessories aren't too bad. The heads aren't as nicely sculpted or painted as most Mego, but not as bad as some cheap similarly-styled figures I've seen.

I took some photos of the two I opened, and the body of one of them. If anyone wants copies for their website, pm me. :grin:

Pretty cool for $5 each. If you happen to be at the Outer Banks, look for a Ben Franklin store that has a blue exterior.

Remco Monster
Aug 19, '07, 1:57 PM
I miss my local Ben Franklin. :(

Aug 19, '07, 3:52 PM
Very cool, Ray. Amazing what you can find!

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 23, '07, 10:20 AM
Wow, a Ben Franklin's! The last BF I knew of had converted into a strange craft/framing/pet store. No general merch products at all.

I have a Paco cowboy I got for parts. The hands are kind of small and generic looking, but the body is surprisingly sturdy. I think it would work well for Mego customs of beefier characters.

Congrats on your parent's great find! Ben Franklin's is where the vast majority of my childhood toys came from.


Aug 23, '07, 11:39 PM
I'd Like to see those. Im in NC might would like to pick some up

Thanks Jerry