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Aug 17, '07, 10:40 AM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/space1999.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/space1999.index)

One of the reasons I began collecting toys was my love for Space:1999 merchandise, so these Mattel Space:1999 toy offerings from 1976 (http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/space1999.html) are something I'm really hyped about bringing to the site.
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Aug 17, '07, 11:12 AM
yeah I liked that set and the mini figures,the big dolls not so much,I just hated their hands ,they just looked like if they were getting ready to Judo chop everyone :grin:

Aug 17, '07, 11:26 AM
that was a cool ship. i like the dolls also. if they amde better hands they would have been cooler but i liked the weapons and stuff they came with

Aug 17, '07, 4:55 PM
Nice addition. :) Other than the Sunshine Family bodies, I like Mattel's 9" figures, maybe because my sister and I had a couple of them as kids, so there's some sentimental attachment for me (although I never watched the show). The Moon Base Alpha playset is cool too, I just wish I had somewhere to set up and display mine, as it's pretty damn big when all folded out. I didn't know that the computer was recycled from Matt Mason, thanks for the info!

Nov 18, '10, 11:26 AM
the giant Eagle ship is my "Rosebud."
it was my fave toy throughout my "toy" years, it subbed for the Millenium Falcon when my folks wouldn't spring for one.

I lost it bit by bit over the years..

I'd like to score another one.

Nov 18, '10, 12:25 PM
Space 1999 stuff was a big deal for me too! I watched the show and always wanted the massive Eagle 1... I never got one as a child. I have one now, but it is far from mint I would like to find a mint one... someday :)

Nov 18, '10, 12:26 PM
I wouldn't admit to be being a sci-fi fan as a kid, but no kid could resist the absolute cool-ness of this toy. It was so freakin' big, I couldn't help and use it with my 8" Megos.

Nov 20, '10, 9:10 PM
An absolute fav of mine, no doubt!