View Full Version : BIG JIM CAMPER DECAL SHEET -- in this thread

Aug 14, '07, 5:02 PM
I dicovered this thing in my old highschool yearbook :grin:
How it got there, I have no idea :grin:

Maybe i'll chuck it on eBay, but before I do, I thought i'd make you guys a scan------ incase your Big Jim frying pan is empty or you just wanna look at psychedelic wild animal paintings :smiley1:



Aug 14, '07, 8:24 PM
OOO thanks heaps Mike, I finally got a campervan a month ago and this will be a great addition!

Aug 14, '07, 9:01 PM
Wow! Those are BIG! I have the stickers in my black set, but not my brown set of camping dishes. I have both the camper and the tent and I go them both together, so I'm not sure which dishes came w/ which set. Does anyone know?

Aug 14, '07, 10:00 PM
thats cool i have a camper im sure is missing some decals. i will have to heck. mike

Aug 15, '07, 2:52 AM
Cool! I don't even need 'em and I saved them anyways. Cool vintage artwork is always fun to have. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Such as the copy I'm going to make for no good reason. Okay I'm done talking. Wait. Now I'm done. No wait, now.


Aug 16, '07, 5:40 PM
Thanks, man. My frying pans are empty no more!